Answer the following questions. 1) Do you have a driving license?

1) Do you have a driving license?

2) Have you ever driven a car?

3) Have you ever talked with a policeman when you broke some rules on the road?

4) What is your impression about our police? Why?

5) Why was this man stopped?

6) Was the driver wearing a seatbelt?

7) Did he drink any alcohol?

8) What solution did the driver suggest?

9) What was the policeman’s reaction?

10) Why did the driver choose this kind of solution? What was the problem?

11) Do you think the policeman was right?

12) If you were a policeman, would you take a bribe? Why?

13) Is it difficult to be a policeman? What difficulties may a policeman face with?)

Match the following synonyms from the text.

1) license 2) registration 3) to do 4) fine 5) huge 6) to promise 7) to bribe 8) insurance 9) buck 10) to be under arrest a) dollar b) protection c) to corrupt d) permit e) certificate f) to detain g) to drive h) penalty i) enormous j) to guarantee

Match the following phrases from the text (sometimes more than one combination is possible).

1) License and registration 2) Officer, may I ask 3) You were doing 4) That’s going to be 5) I won’t be able 6) I also notice that 7) I’m going to have to ask you 8) You’re under arrest 9) You have the right 10) Anything you say can and will be used a) to remain silent b) over 140 in an 80 c) to afford the insurance d) you aren’t wearing a seatbelt e) a huge fine and several points f) for attempting to bribe an officer g) to step out of the car h) why you are pulling me over? i) please j) against you in a court of law

9. Write down different words you associate with the term ‘arrest’. Share your words with your partner(s) and talk about them. Together, put the words into different categories.

Read the end of the dialogue and finish it. Try to guess what else could be done.

B: Oh, come on officer. I was just playing around. You’re cuffing me?

Roleplay the dialogue between a police officer and a driver who was doing over 150 in a 60.

Search the Internet and find more information about violations on the road in Russia. Talk about what you discover with your groupmates. If possible, try to make a presentation, because it will help you to present information in a way which contributes to better understanding and figures or different graphics which help to understand your report better. After presentations choose the best report.

13. Write a magazine article about violations on the road. Include imaginary interviews with drivers and police officers. Read what you wrote to your groupmates. Which article was best and why?

14. Write a letter to the crime prevention officer. Ask him/her three questions how to prevent violations on the road. Give him/her three suggestions about how to prevent violations on the road. Read your letter to your groupmates. Your groupmates will answer your questions.

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