Read the text below. For questions (22—33) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet

Music in the UK: the Charts

Have you ever heard of Al Martino? Not many people know his name (22) , but back in 1952 he made history by becoming the first recording artist to have a number one record with his song «Here In My Heart». For more than fifty years, sales of singles have been (23) on a weekly basis and ranked in a chart. The week’s best-selling single takes the number one position for that week.

So who has had the most number ones? For 25 years The Beatles and Elvis Presley matched each other with 18 number one records apiece. However, in 2005 Elvis earned a posthumous number one when his 1957 hit «Jailhouse Rock» was (24) . Since then two more Elvis singles have gone to the (25) of the charts bringing his total to 21 number ones! Over the years many artists have (26) incredible success in the charts. Bryan Adams held the number one position for 16 weeks in 1991 with the ballad «Everything I Do, I Do It for You» whilst Elton John’s tribute to Princess Diana, «Candle in the Wind 97», (27) 4.86 million copies in the UK.

However, there are (28) over the future of the music industry as sales have fallen in recent years. This was illustrated in 2004 when Eric Prydz had a number one record (29) having sold less than 24,000

copies. One (30) for the fall in CD sales could be the increase in music downloads. Many computer (31) illegally download MP3 files from one computer to another, file-sharing networks.

The music industry has responded to this new threat by offering the possibility to buy downloads from approved web (32) . These digital downloads were integrated into the UK chart (33) the first time in

April 2005. Ironically, the first number one of the digital age was a reissue of Tony Christie’s «Amarillo», a song first released in 1971.

  А В С D
nowadays present contemporary current
released issued sung measured
reviewed re-released re-read recharged
top crown zenith blossom
pleasured liked benefit enjoyed
got bought gained sold
stresses fear concerns disturbs
spite despite inspite despair
ЗО reason case debate persuade
programs mail users blogs
sites songs singles agents
in for from at


11The cobbled capital comes alive for the month of August, vibrating with the sound of music, dance, and festival-goers. Over 2,400 artists from over 43 nations have been invited to perform this year; amongst them are Mariinsky Opera with Les Troyens and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

12Forget Glastonbury, this is the world’s biggest music festival. For 2014 the global classical music event commemorates the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War by teaming up with the National theatre for a spectacular War Horse Prom.

13Olympians and club rowers compete alongside each other at Britain’s most famous river regatta. This lovely little carnival started its life in 1839, and its sartorial focus has historically centred on the rowers. But this is 2014 and you’ll be wearing Jaeger…

14Picture this scene: it’s a hot sunny day, the champagne is chilled, and you’re in your most elegant attire. This is Glorious Goodwood, Sussex’s iconic race meet that attracts not only the finest jockeys, but the finest crowds.

15Kate Adie and Jeremy Paxman are amongst the A-list speakers at the 11th annual literary festival, held in Althorp’s stunning stately home. Harper’s Bazaar is this year’s partner, ensuring it will be

a truly sophisticated affair.

16Whether you go for the top-class tennis or Pimm’s and peoplewatching, the world’s oldest and most prestigious tournament is a jolly good day out. We’ve got our money on Andy Murray for this year’s title (of course).

What are summer’s key events?

ARoyal Ascot

BAlthorp Festival of Prose and Poetry

CWimbledon Tennis Championships

DThe BBC Proms

EHenley Royal Regatta

FEdinburgh International Festival

GBrilliant Socializing While Watching Races

HWilderness Festival, Oxfordshire

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