Вправа 1.6 Read the article in Ex.1.5 again and make a list of all the facilities that guests can enjoy at the Lanesborough Hotel.


A: Hello, reception.
B: Oh, hello, this is Mrs Wallstein here from room 202. Is it possible to get my hair done tomorrow before, say, eight-thirty ?
A: I’m sorry madam, but the hair salon doesn’t open until 9 a.m.
A: Reception.
B: Hello. I’m afraid I’ve missed dinner. Is it possible to have some sandwiches sent up to my room ?
A: Certainly. What kind of sandwich ?
B: What have you got ?
A: Hello. Room 157, please.
B: Here’s your key.
A: Thanks. Oh, I’ve left my car just round the corner. It’s a blue BMW with German registration plates.
B: OK. I’ll get someone to park it for you in your reserved space.
A: Hello. I’ve got a pair of pants that need dry-cleaning. Is it possible to have them done at the hotel ?
B: Certainly Sir, just give them to the chambermaid tomorrow morning before nine o’clock and we’ll have them ready for you in the evening.
A: Great.
A: Good morning.
B: Morning. I’ve a problem. I have a report that has been written in English and it has to be sent to Buenos Aires by Friday at the latest.
A: No problem. You can email it from the business centre.
B: Yeah, OK, but that’s not the problem . I need to get it translated into Spanish. Do you know of an agency where I could have it done ?
A: There’s no need. You can have it translated here.
B: Oh, really.

Вправа 1.4 Answer the questions about the Ex.1.3

  1. What does a receptionist offer if the client has left his car round the corner ?
  2. Is it possible to have a pair of pants dry-cleaned at the hotel ?
  3. Is it possible to have a report translated into Spanish at the hotel ?
  4. Is it possible for the client to have his dinner sent up to his room if he has been late for the dinner ?
  5. What facilities does the hotel offer if the client needs to have her hair done ?

Вправа 1.5 Read and translate the article:

”A superior night’s sleep”

yours for only £5,287.50

Madonna, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey have all stayed at the Lanesborough. Stanley Kubrick filmed scenes for Eyes Wide Shut in a junior bedroom and Princess Diana used the dining room for a party. By anybody’s standards £5,287.50 (excluding breakfast and dinner ) is a lot to pay so what exactly do you get for your money ?

For starters there was the chauffeured Rolls-Royce which came with the suite. Then there were the butlers whose role is to find anything the guest wishes to receive. There were personalized business cards and stationary, bunches of flowers from the in-house florist, a bottle of Perrier-Jouet champagne on ice, and a fruit bowl containing giant strawberries.

My butler told me about the hotel’s fitness studio, I asked if I had to train in front of other guests: ‘Of course not sir. I can have the equipment moved up to your suite. You can work out by the window. It’s a lovely view over Green Park.’

There’s a lot of gold. Gilt-framed portraits, gold and black candlesticks and in the bedroom golden walls, curtains and a gold-canopied four-poster bed.

But behind the early nineteenth century façade I discovered a stack of hi-tech gadgets: an in-room computer with fast internet access and internet radio so you can listen to local stations from New York to Buenos Aires, fifteen phone handsets and a mobile so you can be reached on your room number even when you’re out about town.

But the price shouldn’t be related to the facilities. It’s a unique experience, like the butter who can find whatever you’re looking for. At 12.10 a.m. I urgently needed a recommendation for an Ethiopian restaurant, a 35 mm film for my camera and a fitness cycle delivered to my room for when I woke next morning.

My night butler did not disappoint. Within minutes he recommended the Ethiopian restaurant in Brixton: ‘Would you like us to make a booking sir?’ and located a night chemist who unfortunately did not stock film. It appeared as if by magic by 8.30 next morning, as did the member of staff asking where I required the cycle.

Вправа 1.6 Read the article in Ex.1.5 again and make a list of all the facilities that guests can enjoy at the Lanesborough Hotel.

Вправа 1.7 Are these statements true or false ? Correct any false statements:

1. Stanley Kubrick stayed at the Lanesborough.

2. The £5, 287.50 a night tariff includes breakfast.

3. The room tariff includes a car with a driver.

4. The rooms contain their own fitness studio.

5. The hotel combines modernity with tradition.

6. Guests can be contracted even when they are not in their room.

7. The butler provides a 24-hour service.

8. The butler wasn’t able to get a 35 mm film for the guest.

Вправа 1.8 Match the words with their definitions:

chauffeur A small, clever machine
stationery B professional driver
florist C front of a building
facade D part of a telephone that you hold
gadget E paper, envelopes, etc.
handset F person who sells flowers
mobile G telephone you can carry with you

Вправа 1.9 Five guests at the Paragon Hotel make requests at reception. Read and translate the following information:

Room service
[ ] If you need anything – breakfast, lunch, sandwiches or champagne just ring reception from the telephone at the side of your bed.
[ ] And if you want us to book theatre or concert tickets for you just ask.
Valet service
[ ] If you have any items of clothing that need washing and dry-cleaning give them to the chambermaid before 9 a.m. for same-day service.
Valet parking
[ ] Leave your car with a chauffeur who will park it in your reserved space. If it needs to be washed tell the person on duty.
Business facilities
[ ] Documents can be typed or translated for you into the world’s major languages. Email and internet available on request.
Beauty salon and hairdresser
[ ] No need to book. Relax while you have your hair cut and your nails manicured.
Children’s facilities
[ ] Leave your children with us in safety if you want a night out on the town by yourselves.

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