Ceremony of access to the Pilot team

The company gathers in a rectangle, the pilot Fire makes a semi-circle, with a gap for the guide who is going to joint hem. If the future pilot comes from outside the movement, she stands at the end of the line of pilots. The leaders are on one line between the company and the pilot team, turned towards the guides.

The future pilot comes on her own, without being called, in front of her company leader. In this way, she wants to show that her behaviour is personal and wanted by herself.

Guide: Leader (or her name), my time has come to become a Ranger.

Company leader: X, as a girl guide, you have learnt to "be prepared" to serve your patrol … (name). You are now leaving this patrol. The Court of Honour has decided to entrust it to Y… (if the new Ranger was the Patrol Leader). Today you want to go further, you want to have the fire as emblem, the road as environment, the service as motto and a team to help you to become a Ranger. All together, we say "farewell" and may the Virgin Mary, our Mother, step by you.

According to circumstances, the patrol may display its friendship through a symbolic gesture.

The girl guides may sing a beautiful scout song. The guide signs leadership, and the girl guides. She then stands in front of the Ranger Leader and signs her.

(When the new Ranger is new in scouting, the ceremony starts here.)

Fire Leader: X… (name), the Fire, called … (name of the unit) is happy to welcome you.

Ranger: Thank you. With all of you, I want to keep on serving. (or "to learn to serve” for a newcomer).

Fire Leader: Receive the Ranger neckerchief. (Explain the colour of the neckerchief).

Then the leaders turn towards the Ranger teams. The new Ranger walks towards her team leader who comes to meet her.

Team Leader: X…, come in our team (name of the team). We are expecting you.

(In case a new team is being set up: "X…, Y…, Z…, come with me. Together we shall form a new team).

Fire Leader: the way which opens in front of you is a way of friendship and of joy. It is also a way of service, of effort and of total self giving. It will request from you a personal and conscious commitment. But you know that we are going to walk with you.

The Rangers start singing "The Fire March" or "Map out your way".

The Ranger commitment (or Departure)

The Fire is in semi-circle. In front, the Fire leader, the religious adviser, the Godmother, the Rangers who have already committed themselves.

The yellow ribbon will be given by a wolvet or by someone representing childhood. The green ribbon will be given by a girl guide or by someone representing teen age. The red ribbon will be given by the Godmother, or by a Ranger or by an adult with whom the Ranger who is going to commit herself has a special link.

Right from the beginning of the ceremony, the lamps of the Rangers who have already committed themselves will burn in the oratory. Usually, it is the Godmother who gives a lamp to the Ranger who commits herself.

Ranger : (first name), if it pleases God, I request to make a Ranger commitment.

Fire leader : (first name), by making this request today, you are committing to go beyond yourself, to renounce your selfishness, your comfort, your security and to accept what is difficult.

Godmother: (some personal words, if she wishes).

Fire leader: As a European Guides and Scouts Ranger, you have chosen the way, and you have accepted simplicity, bare necessities and effort as requested by life in nature. This is the image of the life which has to be yours.

Ranger: Yes, living with the Fire has also taught me, in joy and in friendship, the riches and the exactingness of scouting.

Fire leader: Our organization wants to contribute to build a Christian fraternity in our country, Europe and in the world. Do you want to take your place in the human communities where God will lead you to?

Ranger: Yes, with the grace of God. I want my life to be simple, beautiful and straight.

Fire leader: May your life be a path to God.

Ranger: I'll walk within the Church to His light, and I'll take with me those He will entrust me with.

My symbol is ….. (explanation of the symbol and its choice, if it hasn’t been done before).

Fire leader: The others' happiness is in your hands: don't close them.

Ranger: Always do my best, be ready to give the best of myself at the service of God and of others, this not once but every day, this is the commitment that I am going to make.

Fire leader: You will not be alone because you will find on your way the one who entered before you this "yes with no conditions" adventure, and who remained faithful to the end : the Virgin Mary.

At her example and at the example of the great Christian saints, make your heart large enough to sympathize with the sufferings of others, and make your soul a believer’s to revive hope and faith in the world where you will live.

As you have chosen to make a commitment, renew your promise.

Ranger: First of all, I request God's blessing.

Religious adviser: (blessing and personal words).

Ranger: On my honour, with the grace of God, I made a promise on … (date of the guide promise) to do my best to serve God, the Church, my country and Europe, to help my neighbour in all circumstances and to observe the guide law. Today, as a grown up, I renew my promise.

A Brownie: Take this yellow ribbon again, colour of sun, so that your joyful faith should enlighten those around you.

A Guide: Take this green ribbon again, colour of all that grows and develops, so that hope should lead you always further.

A Ranger: Have this red ribbon, symbol of Fire, colour of love that you have to bring to others.

Fire leader: Have this R.S. holder, meaning "Ready to Serve". May it remind you that your scouting must live in you at all times!

Ranger: I shall consider myself as always being on duty. I also commit to help within my power the European Guides and Scouts organisation.

Religious adviser: Have this Gospel. May its Law be your law, and may its teaching lead you into Jesus' steps.

Godmother: Light this lamp, symbol of life. May your flame, always more ardent, guide those who labour on the way. And may its brightness, with Our Lady's help, accompany you to God's house.

A R.S. Ranger: You may rely on us as we rely on you, linked in prayer and by brotherly friendship.

Fire leader : May each one of us, after renewing with your her commitment in her heart, belong to Christ, rely on Him so that He may be, in us and through us, the Fire that warms, re-assures and guides.

(This ceremony ends with an appropriate song, for example "the March of Fire" or any other song chosen by the Ranger).

Then the new Ranger brings her lit lamp among the other ones.

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