Ex. 18. Complete the following advertisements using the comparative degree of the adverbs. The first one has been done for you

1. Headache? You want fast relief. Paradox works faster than any other tablet.

2. I never slept very well until I drank Nightcap. Now I sleep … than ever before.

3. If you think your washing powder gets your clothes thoroughly clean, then you haven’t tried Ariel. Ariel will clean them … .

4. So your batteries last a long time, do they? Try Zenox batteries. They last even … .

5. Money doesn’t go very far nowadays, does it? So, shop at Savealot where your money goes … .

6. Do you wish your photocopier was quicker, more efficient? Then change to Speedman. Speedman copies … and … than most other copiers.

Ex. 19. Write sentences with the…the… . Choose a half-sentence from point A to go with a half-sentence from point B.

A.1) the earlier we leave; 2) the longer he waited; 3) the more I got to know him; 4. the more you practice your German; 5) the more you learn; 6) the harder you work.

B.a) the faster you’ll learn; b) the more you forget; c) the sooner we’ll arrive; d) the less I like him; e) the more impatient he became; f) the better you pass the exams.

Ex. 20. Complete the following sentences using as…as with adverbs.

Example:Kate works reasonably hard but she used to work much harder. – She doesn’t work as hard asshe used to.

1. Debbie hoped to do in her exams well but she failed. She didn’t … . 2. I need the money very soon. Could you send …? 3. You know a bit about cars but I know more. You don’t … . 4. I still smoke but I used to smoke a lot more. I don’t … . 5. Sorry, I’m late. You know I can’t walk fast but I got here … . 6. They’ve lived here for quite a long time but we’ve lived here longer. They haven’t … . 7. I can run fast but you can run faster. I hear you’ve won the Cup. I can’t … . 8. I was tired and wanted to sleep long and well this night. But my room-mates arranged a party with music. I didn’t … .

Ex. 21. Answer the following questions, using a bit, a little, far, a lot, much.

Example:Do you play tennis better than your brother? – No, he plays tennis much better.

1. Do you know English better than Russian? 2. Can you work harder than your teachers expect from you? 3. Can you drive faster than the police car following us? 4. I’m simply dying. Can you walk more slowly? 5. Do you work later than usual getting ready for an exam? 6. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you say it again more slowly? 7. Do you act more sensibly if you know the possible consequences? 8. Do you work more enthusiastically if you expect the Dean to praise you? 9. Can you type better than write shorthand? 10. Do you enter the classroom earlier than the teacher does? 11. Do you get up earlier than usual on the day you are having an exam? 12. Did you start speaking the language more fluently after staying in the US for a week?

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