I. Прочтите, следуя интонационной разметке, данные вопросительные высказывания.

а) общие вопросы

1. ˈ Is she O´K?

2. ˈAre you a ˊmanager?

3. ˈAre they in Jaˏpan now?

4. ˈIs it ˏyour dictionary?

5. ˈIs it ˊJane’s photograph?

6. ˈIs this hoˈtel ˏgood?

7. ˈHave you ˈgot a com´puter?

8. ˈIs it a de´licious pie?

10. ˈHas Betsy ˈgot her ˈown ´car?

б) специальные вопросы

1. ˈHow ˋare they?

2. ˈHow is your ˋfather?

3. ˈWho is that ˋgirl?

4. ˈWhose ˋpen is this? ˈWhere is ˋmine?

5. ˈWhose ˋcar is this?

8. ˈWho has ˈgot any ˈbooks about ˋSpain?

10.ˈWhen is ˈSam’s ˋbirthday?

15.ˈWhy is this comˈputer so ˋcheap?

в) альтернативные вопросы

1. ˈHas Mary ˈgot a ˏdog | or a ˋcat?

3. ˈIs your ˈbrother a ˊmanager | or a ˋshop-assistant in that ˌsupermarket?

4. ˈAre these ˈpictures ˏhis | or ˋhers?

5. ˈHave you ˈgot a day-ˈoff on ˊTuesday | or ˋWednesday?

7. ˈIs Grace’s ˈdaughter ˊ5 | or ˋ6?

8. ˈAre they at ˊwork | or at ˋhome now?

9. Is ˈGlasgow in ˊEngland | or ˋScotland?

11.ˈIs he ˏsingle | or ˋmarried?

г) разделительные вопросы

1. It’s ˋcold toˌday, | ˋisn’t it?

2. They are at the ˋparty, │́aren’t they?

3. She is ˋbeautiful, ǀ ˋisn’t she?

4. This ˈdress is very ˋfashionable, | ˏisn’t it?

7. She is a ˈgood ˋcook, | ˊisn’t she?

8. You haven’t ˈgot any iˋdea , | ˊhave you?

10. There’s some ˈinteresting ˋnews in the ˌpaper, | ˋisn’t there? I ˋthink so, but I’m not ˋsure.

11.ˈBobby has ˈgot a new ˋcar, | ˊhasn’t he?

12.ˈParis is a ˋbeautiful ˌcity, | ˋisn’t it?

13.ˈPeter isn’t ˋmarried, | ˊis he? He ˋisn’t. He is ˈtoo ˋyoung.

II. Произнесите вопросительные высказывания с высоким и низким восходящим тоном.

1. ˈIs that ˊhis car?

2. ˈAre they ˊFrench?

3. ˈIs it ˊGreen Street?

4. ˈAre they ˏhappy together?

5. ˈIs Mike in ˏhospital?

6. ˈIs his ˈfamily in ˏItaly?

7. ˈIs their ˈdaughter a ˊdoctor?

8. ˈHas he ˈgot a ˏdog? ˈIs it ˏsmall?

9. ˈIs this ˈcar ˏfast enough?

10. ˈIs Kate’s ˈhusband an ˏactor? ˏReally?

11. ˈHas Betty ˈgot a ˊcousin?

12. ˈHas Jack ˈgot a ˊcamera?

13. ˈIs this ˈdentist ˏfamous?

14. ˈAre Ann’s ˈkids in the ˊcountry?

III. Произнесите специальные вопросы. Соблюдайте высокий уровень голоса на вопросительном слове и высокий начальный уровень падения на последнем ударном слоге.

1. ˈWhat is ˋBen?

2. ˈWhat is ˋthat?

3. ˈWhere is my ˋbag?

4. ˈWhere is the ˋbank?

5. ˈWhere is the ˋhospital?

6. ˈWhere is his ˋcar?

7. ˈWhy is Betsy ˋsad?

8. ˈWhere are my ˋkeys?

9. ˈWhere are their ˋparents?

10. ˈWhat is ˋon toˌday?

11. ˈWhen is ˈMike’s ˋbirthday?

12. ˈWhat is ˈAnn’s ˈfavourite ˋbook?

13. ˈWhy has ˈMonica got ˈfive ˋdogs?

14. ˈWhere is ˈKate’s ˋpenfriend from?

IV. Произнесите альтернативные вопросы. Соблюдайте разделение фразы на две интонационные группы, противопоставленные по терминальному тону: в первой группе – восходящий тон, во второй – нисходящий тон.

1. ˈIs he in ˊParis | or ˋLondon?

2. ˈIs the ˈweather ˊdry | or ˋwet toˌday?

3. ˈIs Sara’s ˈhusband a ˏbusinessman | or a ˋdoctor?

4. ˈIs their ˈrestaurant ˏbig | or ˋsmall?

5. ˈHas Mike ˈgot an ˊAudi | or a Merˋcedes?

6. ˈHave they ˈgot a ˏdaughter | or a ˋson?

7. Is ˈEaton in ´England | or ˋScotland?

8. ˈAre the ˈbiscuits on the ˊplate | or in the ˋbox?

9.ˈIs Megan’s ˈfavourite ˈdress ˏgreen | or ˋgrey?

10. ˈIs his ˈfriend a ˊhockey | or a ˋtennis player?

11. 'Is Ben ˊ12 | or ˋ13?

12. ˈAre they ˈfree on ˊMondays | or ˋWednesdays?

13. ˈ Is this ˏhis camera | or ˋhers?

V. Прочитайте по разметке разделительные вопросы. Определите, какие вопросы выражают истинный запрос об информации, а какие вопросы служат для поддержания разговора.

1. It’s a ˈsunny ˋday to ˌday, | ˋisn’t it?

2. ˈKate’s ˈparents are ˋdoctors,| ˊaren’t they?

3. ˈNick is in Auˋstralia, | ˊ isn’t he?

4. It’s in the ˋcupboard, | ˊisn’t it?

5. This ˈfilm is rather ˋdull, | ˋisn’t it?

6. ˈ Minsk is a ˈnice ˋcity, | ˋisn’t it?

7. This ˈbread isn’t ˋstale, | ˊ is it? I’m aˈfraid it ˋis.

8. This ˈgirl is very ˋpretty, | ˋisn’t she?

9. He ˈisn’t really ˋhappy, | ˊis he?

10. It’s ˈnasty ˋweather, | ˋ isn’t it? Yes, it is.

11. They have ˈgot the ˋtickets, | ˊhaven’t they?

12. It’s ˋhot today, | ˋisn’t it?

VI. Прочитайте разделительные вопросы.

1. Mike is a famous actor, isn’t he?

2. They have got a family, haven’t they?

3. It’s an expensive restaurant, isn’t it?

4. It isn’t my favourite film, is it?

5. Ted is a bad driver, isn’t he?

6. They have got a funny dog, haven’t they?

7. We haven’t got a son, have they?

8. Bill has got a happy wife, hasn’t he?

9. It’s a hot hamburger, isn’t it?

10. These are neat nurses, aren’t these?

11. This isn’t a busy street, is this?

12. It’s a long pencil, isn’t it?

13. Ben hasn’t got a tie, has he?

14. It isn’t a hospital, is it?

15. Paris is in France, isn’t it?

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