Guess the word or word combination by its definition. 1. Read (something) quickly so as to note only the important points

1. read (something) quickly so as to note only the important points

2. causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble

3. unable to leave one's house, typically due to illness or old age

4. forbidden by law, rules, or custom

5. ready to accept control or instruction; submissive

6. in the process of developing from a child into an adult

7. feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems

8. feeling or showing extreme tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion

9. free from flaws or mistakes; perfect

10. modest or shy because of a lack of self-confidence

8. Translate into Russian:

1. She told him with a little gesture he had never seen her use before. 2. It was September, leafy and warm, yet with a crystal chill on things, an uncanny clarity. 3. Richard found reverse, backed up, completed the turn, and they headed home, skimming. 4. ‘Easy,’ Joan said. He knew it was a bluff, a brave gesture; she was begging for reprieve. 5. He was used to her cooking; indeed, his body, every cell, was composed of her cooking. 6. The floor was neither wall-to-wall shag nor splinter wood, but black-and-white tile, like the floor in a Vermeer. 7. Neither woman, it somehow pleased him to observe, ever made more than a gesture toward cleaning up – the bed a wreck, the dishes dirty, each of his three ashtrays (one glass, one pottery, and one a tin cookie-jar lid) systematically touched, like the bases in baseball.

9. Translate into English:

1. Перестань к нему придираться. 2. Дети с трудом делали домашнее задание или пялились в телевизор. 3. После такого жалостливого рассказа нельзя было не заплакать. 4. Все его сделки были не завершены. 5. Он всю жизнь прожил в жалкой холодной хибаре. 6. Старший сын был самым послушным. 7. К концу дня он был настолько утомлен, что у него не было сил утешать свою подругу. 8. Просматривая газету, он пытался найти квартиру. 9. Все считали ее детей проблемными, в округе у них не было друзей. 10. У вашего соседа безупречная надежная репутация.

Detailed Comprehension

1. Answer the questions:

1. What kind of relations were there between the Maples? When do we understand what the problem in the family was?

2. How did Richard analyze people through their gestures? What gestures were new of his wife’s behaviour?

3. How did he find Boston? Was he happy living there? What feelings did he have towards his new life there?

4. Why does Richard choose the very house to live? What role does it have in the story?

5. How did he describe the visits of his women? Did he try to make them feel jealous to each other? Why did he do it?

6. How did his children find the situation in the family? Who suffered most?

7. What was the fun of inviting Joan to dinner?

8. What feelings did Richard speak about towards the two women in his life?

9. Did Joan still love Richard? Why did she still wear the wedding ring?

10. Why did Joan keep Andy as a lover? What did her psychiatrist say about it?

2. Describe:

1. the building where Richard found an apartment

2. Richard and Joan’s dinner

2. Develop the situations checking your knowledge of the context:

1. ‘Darley,’ she said…

2. ‘I found one. I signed the lease…’

3. With the ring I thee wed…

4. …she was rarely was allowed to clean more than one square…

5. ‘Should I order another bottle?..

6. Once he walked to the base of the blue skyscraper…

4. Discuss the following quotations in pairs:

1. Did they know? It didn’t matter, in this country of temporary arrangements.

2. Time, so careful and regular for him, sped for them, and vanished.

3. Fifteen is supposed to be a boring age.

4. … the face of even of a loved one looks unfamiliar and ugly when seen in a mirror…

5. What a transparent wealth of previous overlay a city’s present joy!

6. It could not last, such happiness. It was an interim, a holiday.

7. ‘I love this building. And it loves me.’

8. The old pattern was still one visible to the world.

5. Act out the conversations between:

1. Joan and Richard

2. Richard and Ruth

6. Make up the dialogues:

1. between Richard and his son

2. between Richard and the real-estate agent

7. Speak your mind on:

1. the life of the main character.

2. the two women in the story.

3. gestures in the story.

4. the plot arrangement.

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