Guess the word or word combination by its definition. 8. Translate into Russian:

a) as blue as the devil b) blackmail c) common sense d) humiliate e) elope f) in for a penny in for a pound g) a lump in the throat h) put-up job 1.say or do smth which makes others feel ashamed or stupid 2. intend to finish doing smth. that has been started 3. to go away secretly to get married 4. an event or situation that has been secretly planned in order to trick smb. 5.feeling very sad, in a bad mood 6. to make someone give money or obey you by threatening to tell people embarrassing information about them 7. the feeling when the person is going to cry 8.the ability to use judgment and make sensible decisions  

8. Translate into Russian:

1) On the contrary, they all looked rather taken-aback at being addressed as though they were five years old.

2) Whoever wrote the screenplay for the film took great liberties with the original text of the novel.

3) That's really phony; a put-up job if I ever saw one.No put-up job is clever enough to fool me.

4) This not only defies the logic of what we are taught about spirits in Church, it defies common sense.

5) What does it mean to say that some diseases are ' genetically inherited ‘?

6) Strange how that name sent a thrill through him, stirred his blood!

7) Can there be any more defeated, disgraced and utterly humiliated political position in recent history than support for the invasion of Iraq?

8) Yet, visiting Strasbourg yesterday to address the European Parliament for the first time, he became somewhat tongue-tied.

9) In the calendar of criminal offences blackmail was one of the ugliest and most vicious because it involved what one found so often, attempted murder of the soul.

10) Unfortunately, the Faculty cannot help unless the difficulties are produced by an unforeseen emergency or change of circumstances.

9. Translate into English:

1) Рут Барлоу из кожи вон лезла, чтобы женить Роджера на себе. Мысль, что она будет женой светского человека, приводила ее в трепет. Она готова была убежать с ним, чтобы обвенчаться, но Роджер не торопился делать предложение. Это унижало ее. Здравый смысл подсказывал ей, что Роджера нельзя шантажировать. Он только посмеется над ней; у него хватит наглости поставить ее на место и даже бросить /dump/ ее. Она понимала, что надо подстроить ситуацию, чтобы он не смог устоять перед ней. Комок подступал к горлу, когда она думала о своей несчастной жизни.

2) У Маргарет было ужасное настроение после разговора с режиссером. Конечно, она старела, но она ведущая актриса, по-прежнему у нее было много вызовов на бис, толпы людей собирались у театра, чтобы увидеть ее живьем. Это был первый режиссер, с кем она не ладила. Сейчас, вся в гриме, она думала с печалью, что ей придется оставить театр, вместо того, чтобы повторять роль в ожидании волшебных слов «Ваш выход!»

Detailed Comprehension

1. Answer the questions:

1) What role did Evie play in Julia’s life? Why was she so familiar with Julia?

2) What was theatre to Julia? What did she compare with a tonic?

3) What were her real feelings to Charles Tamerley? How did she manage to remain his friend?

4) Why did Julia accept the offer of tea? How did she find the whole situation?

5) Did Julia change after her date with Tom? In what way?

6) Do you think Julia was an adventure-seeker? How does her behaviour on the way to Cannes characterize her?

7) What did Julia feel when the Spaniard pretended not to recognize her?

8) What was Julia’s reaction to Tom’s phone call? Why did she continue the affair?

2. Describe:

1) The upper society (Charles's guests)

2) Tom's visit to the theatre

3) Julia and Tom's going to the restaurant

3. Develop the situations checking your knowledge of the context:

1) At fifty-eight South Africa arid Australia. Michael says we can clean up there.

2) Diet! When I'm sixty I shall let myself go.

3) She was inclined to insist on the fact that her father had been a vet.

4) She had a retentive memory and learnt a great deal from him. 5) She saw herself as a young, obscure, struggling actress.

7) There was no part of her busy life that she enjoyed more than those three hours

that she spent in her dressing-room.

4. Discuss the following quotations in pairs:

1) Oh, well, it’s no good crying over spilt milk. (ch.10)

2) She was about to step from the world of make-believe into the world of reality.(ch.10)

3) Morally she had the best of both worlds. Everyone knew that her marriage with Michael was exemplary. (ch.11)

4) The nerve of it! She wouldn't go to tea with a duchess; he was treating her like a chorus girl. (ch.11)

5) Julia thought how disgusting men were. You simply couldn’t trust them for a minute. (ch.12)

6) It was fun to think that she could be crazy. (ch.13)

5. Act out the conversations between:

1) Julia and Charles (when he came to say his final good-bye)

2) Julia and the Spaniard

6. Make up the dialogues:

1) Julia and Dolly about her adventure on the train;

2) Julia and Evie discussing Tom Fennell.

7. Speak your mind on:

1) the relationship between Julia and her son;

2) Julia’s talent as an actress;

3) Julia's adventure on the train;

4) Tom Fennell’s feelings.

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