You need to get to the airport to catch a plane. It's

Ten miles away, and it's the rush hour. Which do

You think is the quickest way of getting there, and

why? Choose from the options below:

go by bus go by car

go by taxi go by train

go by motorbike go by bike

go on foot

Divide these words and phrases into two


cars / taxis and buses / trains.

get a lift; hitchhike; reserve a first class seat; miss the inter city express; put your foot down; miss your connection; sit on the top deck; get on / off; a taxi rank; a double decker; take the underground; catch the number 9; use public transport; it's delayed; change at Swindon; a buffet car; get in / out of; hail a taxi; share a taxi; buy a return ticket; pay the fare; go on the sleeper; sit in the passenger seat; stuck in a traffic jam; a bus lane.

24. What is the difference between the following:

a) bus and coach

b) train and tram

c) helicopter and hovercraft

d) passenger and pedestrian

e) travel and commute

Which word goes with all three sentences in each

Section? You may need to change the tense of the


(take ride drive catch)

1. At the weekend I love to __ into the country on my


We went on a __ in a helicopter last week.

The bus __ from the airport was very pleasant.

2. The quickest way to get there is to __ a taxi.

We __ the 12.45 to Milan, and changed there.

How long does it __ to get there?

3. Hurry up! We'll be late if we don't __ the next bus.

I'll have to go, I'm afraid. i have a train to __ .

If we don't leave before 5 we'll be __ in a traffic jam.

4. It's a wonderful __ through the mountains into


I learned to __ with my Dad, and passed my test

four days after my seventeenth birthday.

Do you need a special license to __ a minibus?

Match the types of trips to the texts that describe


go on a boat trip go on an excursion

go on a voyage go on a journey

go for a walk go on a guided tour

go on an expedition go on a business trip

1. We have been planning it for years. It's one of the last remaining unexplored areas of rainforest in the world, and who knows what we will find there. In the party, there will be scientists and ecologists as well as experienced adventurers because we could discover new species of plants and animals.

2. Well, I have booked it. We have to be in front of the hotel at six o'clock in the morning and, as soon as everybody has taken their seat, we'll set off for Warwick and Stratford. It's motorway most of the way, but there should be some nice views when we get near Warwick. We have two hours at the castle and all afternoon to visit Shakespeare's house. We have to be back on the coach for the drive home at six.

3. It was a lovely afternoon, so we put on our coats and boots and headed off for Hare Hill. We took the dog too. The path along the river is very narrow so we went in single file until we reached Newbridge village. And it's a really steep climb to the top of the hill. We were exhausted by the time we got home.

4. We went up on deck. The strong breeze immediately hit us in the face. I looked far out across the huge desert of green-blue that lay before us, but I could see no land. It would be three more days before we reached the coast of South America.

5. There were hundreds of people on the platform, and, carrying two suitcases, and a rucksack on his back, William began to worry that he wouldn't be able to find his seat. It would take two days travelling on this old train across some of the most lonely and beautiful scenery in the world before we reached the little village in the foothills where he was going to work.

6. "I'll be arriving at Linate Airport at 3, travelling club class. Could you arrange for a driver to be waiting for me? I had to be at Head Office for the meeting at four thirty. I will only be carrying hand luggage - a briefcase and an overnight bag - so I shouldn't be delayed in customs."

7. It was the highlight of the holiday. We booked a trip along the river Umacinta between Mexico and Quatemala. It was wonderful. We travelled for two hours past forest banks watching the alligators, visited a Mayan ruin, and stopped for lunch in an old village.

8. "On the left, you can see St Paul's Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren. We're going inside now. Could you all stay together, please?"

Write a description of a trip you have been on.

Who is speaking and where are they?

a) How much is it to the next stop?

b) A return to Reading, please - with a student travel


c) May I see your passport, please?

d) Would you like a lift?

e) Put your seatbelt on, please.

f) Where to, mate?

g) On today's flight we will be flying at 10,000 feet.

Prepare to talk about the most unusual or exciting

journey you have ever been on:

a) Where did you go?

b) Who did you go with?

c) How did you travel?

d) What did you see and what happened during the


e) What was special about it?

30. Translate the following into Russian:

to take off

to land

to accelerate along the runway

to pay extra

to fasten seatbelts

to put the seat in the upright position

to cruise

to remind passengers that....

to be inside the terminal building

to arrive; to depart

to come round with landing cards

to get off the plane

to walk through the terminal building

to go to the baggage reclaim

to declare

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