Ex. 25. Correct mistakes if necessary

1. Bob was the biggest of the twins. 2. You could not meet a more kinder lady. 3. The patient made the wonderfulliest recovery. 4. Mary was as old like Jane. 5. Who is the tallest, Jack or Betty? 6. The more bright students do not always do well in tests. 7. The weather is colder as last week. 8. The noise in Rome is far worst than in Florence. 9. I’m sorry for being late. I came so fast as I could. 10. The little we speak English, the worse for us. 11. Football is much popular than basketball in our country. 12. This road is worst than any other. 13. Their dog is twice as bigger as ours. 14. Mr. Brown is by far more honest person than our previous accountant. 15. The weather is much more worse today. 16. She is not as easy to get on with than her sister. 17. I know my jokes are bad but yours are badder. 18. Nick looks elder than his older brother. 19. Einstein is one of intelligent scientists who ever lived. 20. A train is the uncomfortablest place to sleep in. 21. This meal is much better than as the one I ate yesterday. 22. What we need is a more good job. 23. It’s best picture I’ve ever seen. 24. The more you study, the smarter you’ll become. 25. I feel much better today than I did last week. 26. The riches are very lucky. 27. Ann plays the piano very well, but Christina plays more well. 28. Flying is much faster than travelling by car. 29. We are going to travel by car. It’s much cheaper. 30. If you don’t want to be tired in the morning, you should go to bed more early. 31. Could you speak a little more loudly? 32. He drives more slowly as his brother. 33. You should practice more often if you want to improve your language. 34. You should be far more serious when you talk to your partner. 35. Watermelons are much sweeter than lemons. 36. She speaks French much more rapidly than she does German. 37. We felt disappointing when we got lost. 38. What we need is a more good job! 39. It’s the best picture I’ve ever seen. 40. Their house is far better than ours. 41. It’s becoming more & more difficult to find a job. 42. The sooner you take your medicine, the better you will feel. 43. Jack has eaten three times as many hamburgers as Jim. 44. I am looking forward to a three-days holiday. 45. I am going to stay in a small three stars hotel near a gold beach. 46. The journey went smooth, but I was disappointed. 47. I don’t like this restaurant; we were waited on by unsmiled waiters. 48. You should have chosen your hotel carefully. 49. I wish I could stay at the hotel for the rich people & famous. 50. She can’t get married yet. She is not enough old. 51. The smoke rose high into the air. 52. Don’t walk so fastly! Can’t you walk more slowly? 53. Tom has passed his first exam. Everything is getting good. 54. She told me the camera was new & I was enough stupid to believe. 55. I don’t think she is enough experienced for this sort of job. 56. The food tasted awfully & but the coffee was delicious. 57. She looked sad at me. 58. I was disappointing with the play. I had expected it to be much better. 59. Jerry doesn’t feel enough well to go to school this morning. 60. It feels warm in here. 61. It is a school for the deaf people.

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