Iii. 1. Exercises for practice

EXERCISE 1. Add -s or -es to the following words to spell them correctly.

1. passenger s 14. mix____

2. tax es 15. try____

3. talk _______ 16. tray____

4. blush ______ 17. ferry____

5. discover ______ 18. guy____

6. develop ____ 19. enemy____

7. season ____ 20. pry____

8. flash ____ 21. pray____

9. hall ____

10. touch ____

11. sketch ____

12. press ____

13. method ____

EXERCISE 2 - ORAL: Practice pronouncing the following words. Say the final -sl-es sounds loudly and clearly.

GROUP A: Final -s is pronounced [s] after voiceless sounds.

Examples: seats = seat + /s/

ropes = rope + /s/

backs = back + /s/

1. hats 6. unlocks

2. hates 7. sniffs

3. sleeps 8. laughs

4. trips 9. asks

5. books

GROUP B: Final -s is pronounced Izl after voiced sounds.

Examples: seeds = seed + /z/

robes = robe + /z/

bags = bag + /z/

sees = see + /z/

10. feeds 16. fills

11. lids 17. miles

12. robs 18. rugs

13. grabs 19. days

14. homes 20. pies

15. occurs 21. agrees

GROUP C: Final -es and -s are pronounced /iz/ after -sh, -ch, -s, -z, and -ge/dge sounds.

Examples: dishes = dish + /iz/

mixes = mix + /iz/

catches = catch + /iz/

prizes = prize + /iz/

kisses = kiss + /iz/

edges - edge + /iz/

22. wishes 30. relaxes

23. ashes 31. quizzes

24. matches 32. sizes

25. sandwiches 33. rises

26. guesses 34. pages

27. courses 35. judges

28. faces 36. arranges

29. fixes


a) Spell the words in the plural:

penny, Sunday, spy, monkey, fly, convoy, storey, story, Gypsy, butterfly, sky, ski, Mary;

b) cargo, solo, hero, echo, ghetto, potato, cello, Hindoo, concerto, Negro, albino, hair-do, portfolio, concerto, piano, cuckoo, Kangaroo.

c)Pronounce the words in the plural:

bath, truth, mouth, youth, death, oath, birth, month, myth, locksmith, path

d) Write and pronounce in the singular and plural:

knife, cliff, leaf, chief, thief, kerchief, handkerchief, calf, mischief, staff, roof, half, grief, hoof, scarf, relief, sheaf, life, belief, wharf, proof, safe, dwarf, cuff

EXERCISE 4. Give the plural forms to the following nouns.

kettle, birth, bath, telephone, deed, tree, but­terfly, match, shoe, bus, glove, pie, fox, ski, taxi, bush, toe, life, photo, piano, handkerchief, roof, chief, woman, potato, goose, knife, study, tomato, thief, leaf, foot, child, mouse, deer, fish, sheep, man, calf, hero, shelf, brush, baby, fireplace, hoof, radio, storey, , box, handful, belief, watch, scarf, fee, pause, cloth, loaf, crash, beach, cow, motto, aircraft, businessman, move, glass, bush, copy, mango, valley, mummy, atlas, rally, hero, pity, omnibus, manifest, ray, ditch, agenda, fly, feature, lorry, buzz

EXERCISE 5. Write in the singular.

Skies, skis, Negroes, zeros, parties, keys, flies, files, cuckoos, hairdos, pianos, stories, taxis, tomatoes, matches, languages, roofs, leaves, mice, feet, data, deer, oxen, moose, halves, brethren, cliffs, tuna, bases, criteria, Japanese.

EXERCISE 6. Divide the following nouns into countable and uncountable, and write them down in two lists. Use a good dictionary to check your answers.

Affair, bath, bunch, cry, choice, crisis, decision, datum, downfall, enemy, education, formula, fox, health, information, knowledge, justice, law, life, mouth, market, message, mince, net, network, nail, oath, oak, onion, path, persuasion, piracy, right, relationship, progress, realization, security, salt, sandal, society, wreath, youth.

EXERCISE 7. Give the plural of the following nouns.

Branch, face, box, boy, portfolio, swine, deer, pie, journey, medium, man, thief, knife, basis, loss, criterion, ship, sheep, wolf, hero, daughter, spy, lie, bunch, genius, goose, child, bush, hen, zoo, roof, quiz, church, epoch, job, degree, soprano, safe, dictio­nary, loaf, valley, family, species, possibility, plant, state, tooth, mountain, dish, stomach, baby, calf, cow, volcano, woman, toy, government, committee, wrist, bottom, speach, tutor, means.

EXERCISE 8.Write the singular of the following nouns.

Classes, secretaries, people, shoes, ladies, teeth, keys, cargos, children, boxes, tomatoes, photographs, bushes, feet, series, radii, mice, trays, stimuli, leaves, umbrellas, monarchs, gentlemen, zeros, scales, chiefs, phenomena, theses, brethren, chairs, brushes, lines, arms, women, coats, chefs, factories, loaves, tigers, chickens, watches, calves, villages, flies, tongues, ankles, knees, eyes.

EXERCISE 9.Give the plural of:

a) A pin, a hat, a fox, a baby, a day, potato, a volcano, a piano, a photo, a knife, a roof, a half, a leaf, a cliff, a chief, a life, a family, a queue, a bath, a berry, a valley, a century, a salmon, a taxi, a person, a penny, a watch, a virtuoso, a lily, a woodworm.

b) A man, a woman, a German, a foot, a tooth, a sheep, a ship, a fish, an ox, a fox, a child, a fireman, a mouse, a swine, a house, a louse, a goose, a mongoose, a deer, a means, a series, a species, an aircraft, an offspring, a Swiss, a Japanese, a Maltese, a Portuguese, a Chinese, a Milanese.

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