Practice these instructions for Keep Fit exercises.

Stand with your back straight, and feet a little way apart. Your toes should be pointing to the front. Swing your arms up. Keep them straight. Stretch up, with your hands high up above your head. And relax.

Put the back of your hands on your ribs, just above the waist. Feel your ribs move outwards as you breathe in. Take a deep breath, hold it, and breathe out.

Put your hands by your sides. This helps to relax the neck. Put your head down in front. Turn it to the right. Now let your head drop back. And round to the left. And in front again.

Put your hands on your hips. Bend to the side - first left then right. And rest!

In groups, one student reads out the instructions. The others do the exercises!

Say longer clusters of consonants


Lust Sunday, I had a strange dream. I was walking up a long street. I came into a small square, with a fountain. There was a big church. A bride was standing outside, in a beautiful wedding dress. Suddenly there was a loud cry from a tall building opposite. The bridegroom was looking out of the window on the fifth floor. He jumped into the fountain, with a big splash. Then I woke up.

Repeat these false statements about the dream.

She was walking over a wide bride.

She came into a small street.

A bride was standing outside a small cottage.

There was a loud cry from the church.

The bridegroom was on the roof of the tall building.

He jumped through the window of the big church.


Linking of words (intrusive sounds)

(стык согласного с гласным)

This unit will help you to link words together smoothly. Think of the words joined together like this: Putitaway.

Or imagine that the last letter of a word is the first letter of the next word:

a big apple - a bi gapple

read a book - re da book

In this unit, words to link are shown like this: put it away, read it.

Link [p, b, t, d, k, g] to a following vowel

People are giving advice. Practice it.

My neck aches.

Wrap it in a scarf.

Drink a cup of tea.

Take an aspirin.

Don't think about it.

Rub it.

I've got a big emerald ring.

Put it on.

Keep it safe.

Lock it up.

Take it to the bank.

Put it in a big envelope, and hide it under the bed.

I've got a week off. What shall I do?

Make a dress.

Knit a jumper.

Read a book.

Paint a picture.

Sit and relax.

What would Anne like for Christmas?

a big umbrella

a bag and some gloves

a book on music

a red and white scarf

What would you advise? Discuss with other students.

Link vowels [u:, au] to a following vowel

Practise. Think of a little /w/ sound linking two words. Mark the links in the last four sentences.

I couldn't do (w) anything about it.

Let's go (w) into the next room.

Do you know (w) everyone here?

I've moved to a new (w) office - next to (w) Oxford Circus station.

I knew (w) I would be late.

Are you (w) in the same place?

You (w) always say that.

It was so (w) exciting.

I don't know (w) all the students, but I know (w) all the teachers.

How old is he?

There was snow and ice everywhere.

We traveled through Africa.

I don't know anything about him.

Recognise and produce links with all the sounds.

This conversation contains words ending with each of the consonants practiced in this unit, followed by a vowel, and also of linking with [r, j] and [w]. Look for an example of each type of link and mark the link.

A: Anne's just phoned. She and Diana are both on their way. Is dinner nearly ready? Can I help with anything?

B: Yes. Can you get out two eggs from the fridge?

A: Which eggs? The large ones or the small ones?

B: The large eggs. Small eggs are not good.

A: OK. Anything else?

B: Yes. Squeeze another orange, and put the fresh orange juice in a jug, please.

A: Right. What next?

B: There's a pie in the oven. Take it out, and slide it under the grill. Then finish laying the table for me. Each person needs a knife and fork, and a cup and saucer. And then, could you scrub all these potatoes?

A: Come on, Anne and Diana!

Now practice the conversation linking the words smoothly.


Link [f, v, ʧ, ʤ , w, s, z, θ] to a following vowel

Practice this conversation.

A: What do you want to do when you leave school?

B: I want to move into a flat with some friends.

A: It's less expensive to live at home.

B: I'm going to give a party.

A: Don't damage anything!

B: I'd like to buy myself a sports car.

A: Don't crash into anything!

B: I want to catch a plane to South America.

A: Arrange a cheap flight!

B: What do you want to do when you leave school?

A: I want to get a job in a large organisation and save all my money.

Link [r] to a following vowel

Practice this conversation 'In a hospital waiting room'. Note that you can pronounce [r] at the end of a word when the next word begins with a vowel. Mark the links in A's last speech.

A: We've been waiting for an hour and a half.

B: Say your aunt is very ill. A doctor ought to see her at once.

A: There isn't a doctor available. They're all busy.

B: Ask the receptionist to hurry up.

A: I've asked her over and over again. The more I ask, the longer I wait.

Practise. Think of a little [j] sound (as in 'yes'[jes]) linking two words. Mark the links in the last group.

very (j) interesting

the story (j) is very (j) interesting.

The (j) end of the story (j) is very (j) interesting.

a lovely (j) ice cream

enjoy (j) a lovely (j) ice cream.

I (j) always enjoy (j) a lovely (j) ice cream.

a day or two

stay at home for a day or two

I ought to stay at home for a day or two.


Tongue Twisters

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