Ex. 11. Choose two words (one from each box) to complete each sentence

absolutely bitterly extremely seriously reasonably completely unusually totally badly fully happily slightly
cheap quiet ill sorry enormous disappointed destroyed married planned changed insured damaged

1. I was … that I didn’t get the job. 2. Sally’s father is … in hospital. 3. When I returned home after 15 years, everything had … . 4. Alice and Stan have been … for 8 years. 5. I thought the restaurant would be expensive but it was … . 6. The building was … in the fire. The fire destroyed our house but luckily we were … . 7. What a big house! It’s … . 8. I’m … about losing your book. I’ll buy another one. 9. The children are normally very lively but they’re … today. 10. It wasn’t a serious accident. The car was only … . 11. A lot of things went wrong during our holiday because it was … .

Ex. 12. Insert either so or such in the following sentences.

1. The wind was … strong, it was difficult to walk. 2. Come on! Don’t walk … slowly. 3. I’ve never seen … a boring film! 4. The food at the hotel was very bad. I’ve never eaten … awful food. 5. It was … lovely weather that we spent the whole day in the country. 6. They have got … a lot of money, they don’t know what to do with it. 7. The film was … boring that I feel asleep in the middle of it. 8. Why did she ask me … stupid questions? 9. I was surprised that Nelly looked … well after her recent illness. 10. Everything is … expensive these days, isn’t it? 11. Dora is a very attractive girl. She’s got … beautiful eyes. 12. I haven’t seen him … long that I’ve forgotten what he looks like. 13. It was … a good book that I could not put it down. 14. We hadn’t expected to have … many problems.

Ex. 13. Complete the following sentences using enough with one of these words: big, clean, old, warm, well, chairs, experience, cups, money, qualifications, room, time, food.

Example:She can’t get married. She is not … . – She is not old enough.

1. It’s only a small car. There isn’t … for all of you. 2. Do you think I’ve got … to apply for the job? 3. He didn’t get the job because he didn’t have … . 4. I can’t make coffee for everybody. There aren’t … in the office. 5. Are you …? Or shall I switch on the heating? 6. We would like to buy a Mercedes but we haven’t got … . 7. My brother didn’t feel … to go to work this morning. 8. Try this jacket and see if it’s … for you. 9. There weren’t … for everyone to sit down. 10. The water was not … to swim in. 11. Graham didn’t finish the test. He didn’t have … . 12. There is not … to feed the company of twelve.

Ex. 14. Make one sentence from the two sentences given using too or enough.

Example:I can’t wear this coat in winter. It’s not warm enough. – This coat is not warm enough (for me) to wear.

1. We couldn’t eat the food. It was too hot. 2. Don’t stand on that ladder. It’s not strong enough. 3. Nobody could move the wardrobe, because it was too heavy. 4. Two people can’t sleep in this bed. It’s not wide enough for two people. 5. Lesley doesn’t want to wear this frock. It’s too loose for her. 6. George wants to be appointed deputy manager. His qualification is high enough. 7. We couldn’t hear what the speaker was saying. We were too far away from the place he was standing. 8. We didn’t sit in the garden. It was not warm enough. 9. Harry had to carry his wallet in his hand. He couldn’t put it in his pocket because it was too big. 10. We can’t hang the picture on the wall. It’s too heavy. 11. Nick couldn’t collect all the people from the airport. His car isn’t big enough.

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