Ex. 1. Supply the appropriate word out of the given in brackets

1. The shoes do not fit me. Will you kindly give me (another, the other) pair? 2. They haven’t met for twenty years, neither of them has seen even a photo of (another, the other). 3. I read the novels by O’Henry one after (another, the other). 4. There were many people on the beach; some were bathing, (others, the others) were basking in the sun. 5. I met him at the club (other, the other) night. 6. I see only five copies here. Where are (the other, the others) ones? 7. I have lost my fountain-pen. I must buy (another, other) one. 8. They are going to be punished one way or (another, other).

Ex. 2. Use (the) other(s) or another.

1. Without … word he left the room. 2. It was not a large garden, but it was long and narrow. John and I walked right to … end of it in silence. 3. Would you like … cup of tea? 4. Then I read the novels of William Burroughs one after … . 5. … day I made an epigram. I hope you’ll like it. 6. Why are you alone? Where are …? 7. The bar was kept by two very nice girls, one was American and … was English. 8. … people have told me the same thing. 9. The house on … side of the river was built of grey stone. 10. He was always somewhat indifferent to the feelings of … .

Ex. 3. Complete the sentences choosing other (others), another, the other (the others).

1. All superiors were important to Mr. Smith, though some were more important than …. 2. One of his daughters is married to a man who lives by his pen, … husband is a doctor. 3. “We can do as well as … people do,” my aunt said. 4. Give me … example to understand the meaning of this word better. 5. Where are … letters I gave you yesterday? 6. This is a very interesting novel; give me … one of the same author. 7. I took this book because there were no … on this subject. 8. Helen called me … day & said that she was coming home the following week. 9. I’ve got some files on my desk. Where are …? 10. I like it here & I’m going to stay for … few days. 11. I think the first thing to do is to have … talk with your father. 12. They were going to get punishment one way or …. 13. The bar was kept by 2 very pretty girls. One was Spanish & … was Italian. 14. Without … word he started up the car. 15. Gerald Durrell wrote a book called “My Family & … Animals.” 16. Tell … people to get ready as quick as possible. 17. Some people prefer a vegetarian diet, while … prefer a meatbased diet. 18. They looked at one … for a moment. 19. Would anyone like … piece of cake? 20. What … leisure facilities does the town have? 21. Ask me some … time, when I am not busy. 22. They gave one … presents when they met. 23. Could I have … cup of coffee? 24. Just think in … 3 months it’ll be summer again. 25. We haven’t seen one … for ages. 26. Are there any … people we should speak to? 27. I’m not surprised he’s feeling ill-he has eating one ice-cream after …. 28. She gave me one book last week & promised to bring the … on Tuesday. 29. This pair of shoes is worn out. I must buy …. 30. Three of us got home by 6, but … didn’t get back until 8 o’clock. 31. This pen is broken; can you lend me …, please? 32. I took one end of the rope & he held …. 33. Have … cup of tea. 34. Put it in your … hand. 35. Have you any … book on this subject? 36. I shall want … example, this one is not enough. 37. I bought 2 books. I’ve shown you one; now I’ll show you …. 38. Some people like riding in the bus, … prefer walking. 39. There are some … people waiting to see you. 40. Six of them are mine, … are John’s. 41. I can do that some … time. 42. I won’t say … word. 43. There are many … to choose from. 44. We have no … work, so we can go out & play. 45. Father put on … suit to go out. 46. This apple is spoiled. May I have …? 47. The dog saw himself in the water & thought he saw … dog. 48. Some of them are story-books & … are picture books. 49. The child was putting one block upon ….

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