VI. Put the words in the right order

Progress check 2

I. Complete the sentences from the words from the box.

Employees company competitors leader

Products profit subsidiaries customers turnover

1. I work for a company called Kwikshoe.

2. Our main products are sport shoes.

3. Kwikshoe is a world leader in the tennis shoe sector.

4. There are 2,500 employees in the company.

5. It has seven subsidiariesin different countries.

6. Its main customers people aged 15-35 years old.

7. Its main competitors are in Britain and the USA.

8. Its profit last year was $ 1.2 billion.

9. Its turnover last year was $ 16 billion.

II. Make the questions about the history of BASF. First read the answer, than complete the questions.

1. What happened in 1930?

2. BASF began industrial-scale production of polystyrene in 1930.

When did BASF launch it famous magnetic tape.

BASF launched its famous magnetic tape in 1935.

3. What division did establish in 1968?

It established a pharmaseutical division in 1968.

4. Where did BASF open an enviromental control centre in 1989?

BASF opened an enviromental control centre in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

5. Which anniversary did BASF celebrat in 1995?

BASF celebrated its 25th anniversary.

III. Present Simple Tense.

A travel booking.

Read the following dialogue about travel arrangements. Make any necessary changes to the verbs in brackets.

Traveller: Hello, I needto go London next Friday and come back on the same day. I’ve a meeting which starts at 11 o’clock.

Agent: Do you want to fly or take the train?

Traveller: That depends on the price. How much does it cost?

Agent: The train is cheaper and gets you right into the centre of London. It takes just three hours.

Traveller: OK, that’s fine. What about times?

Agent: Well, the Eurostar leaves Paris at 7.19 and arrives in London at 10.13 local time.

Traveller: What time do I have to check in?

Agent: Not later than 20 minutes before departure.

Traveller: OK, howcan I reservation?

IV. Quantifiers. Complete the sentences using some, any, many, much, no.

1. We haven’t had any news from our agent.

2. I have absolutely no idea what he wants.

3. He has very many old bottles of wine in his cellar.

4. We employ people of some race, religion or ethnic origin.

5. Have you got any extra leaflets?

6. Did you meet many people at the conference?

7. We haven’t made any progress recently.

8. How much money do you want to earn?

9. How many times have you seen him?

10. Unfortunately, the consultant couldn’t give me any advice.

V. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets:

Our company was founded in 1960. It produces electronic components for washing machines. We are based in Singapore. We have subsidiaries in Korea, Malaysia and Japan. We sell our products throughout Europe. At present we are setting up a new distribution center in France. Our department is working on the design plans and at the moment. I am study different plant layouts. Two month ago the company set up new sales offices in France. I went there on business last week.

VI. Put the words in the right order.

1. responsible who recruiting staff is for new/? / Who is responsible

for recruiting new staff?

2. are project you on which working? / Which project are you

working on?

3. airport an center is near the there? / Is there an airport near the


4. by does get helicopter how it long take there to? /How long does it

take to get there by helicopter?

5. far from how in Monaco Nice is to? / How far frоm to Monaco is


6. do do living what for you a? / What do you do for a living?

7. do who to you report? / Who do you report to?

8. English you start did learning when? / When did you start learning


9. There are as major in operates company this? / Are there as major operates in this company?

VII. Make questions for the answers:

1. Where/from? – I come from Paris, France.

Where are you come from? – I come from Paris, France.

2. Where/work? – I work for Papeleras Valla.

Where do you work? – I work for Papeleras Valla.

3. What / make? – Their company makes paper.

What does their company make? – Their company makes paper.

4. How many people…? – About 750 people.

How many people does you company employ?

5. Have/ one plant? – No, we have two, both near Santiago.

Do you have one plane? – No, we have two, both near Santiago.

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