Put the words in the correct order to make a story.

a) into a shop. man walked A

b) to shoes. wanted pair of buy He a

c) were long was clothes. and beard dirty He in his

d) The another to owner shop talked customer. Put the words in the correct order to make a story. - student2.ru

e) stopped man and to the asked talking She leave.

f) walked shop. man of The and the out smiled

g) chauffeur-driven into got He limousine. his

h) the Richard was Gere! famous The actor man

i) in a was film. ready He act getting to

j) serve The was shop unhappy him. owner because didn't she

Write these sentences correctly.

Example: haveyougotthisinabiggersize
Have you got this in a bigger size?

a) theredshirtisnicerthantheblueone
b) thisoneisnicerbutitsmoreexpensivetoo
c) theyarentasfashionableastheclothesintheothershop
e) thisjumperistoosmallIneedabiggersize
f) itsbeautifulbutitsthemostexpensivethingintheshop
g) wehavethewidestrangeofhatsinthecountry
h) hebuysallhisclothesatthebestshopsintown
i) ithinkthisisthemostbeautifuldressintheworld
j) themostimportantthingistofeelcomfortableinyourclothes

Make up questions and interview two of your group-mates.

Example: wrote a letter last week

Did you write a letter last week? – Yes, I did/No, I didn’t

Activity 1st person 2nd person
yes no yes no
a) ate breakfast this morning
b) played basketball last Saturday
c) visited relatives last weekend
d) talked over the telephone after 7.00 last night
e) watched TV after 11.30 last night
f) ate dinner at home last night
g) watched TV last night
h) read a book last week
i) went to the beach last summer
j) did homework last night
k) kissed someone yesterday
l) gave someone a birthday card last week
m) brought any money to school today
n) grew up in the country
o) slept well last night
p) walked to school today

Speak about two persons from your group.

Example: Aliya ate breakfast this morning

but/while Ruslan didn’t.

Both Aliya and Ruslan ate breakfast

this morning.

Neither Aliya nor Ruslan ate

breakfast this morning.

Take-home assignment

This is an interview with Kevin Costner. Match the questions and answers.

1)Where were you born? a) No, I didn't. I started acting after I left university.

2)What did you want to be in high school? b). Yes, very hard! I worked 7 days a week. Acting isn't easy!

3)Were you good at sports? c). I became a producer in 1990. The movie was 'Dances with Wolves'.

4)Did you go to university? d). Yes, I liked it a lot.

5)Did you act at university? e). I was born in Los Angeles.

6)Did you enjoy acting? f). In 1983. It was called Testament.

7)When did you go to Hollywood? g) Yes, I did. I went to the University of California.

8)Did you work hard? h). I wanted to be a baseball player.

9)When did you make your first big movie? i) Yes, I was. I was a good athlete then.

10)When did you become a producer? j) I went there in the late 1970s.

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