Complete these sentences using the correct form of one of the words above. Make your own sentences to show that you understand the difference in their meaning.

1. What have you been _____ ? Your hands are dirty.

2. I have _____ an arrangement with the Personnel Manager.

3. He likes _____ nothing.

4. Let’s ______ a plan.

5. Could you _____ the shopping for me?

6. I must ______ the accounts now.

7. ______ a copy of this letter, please.

8. I’ll ______ my best to help you sign this contract.

9. We haven’t _______ a decision yet.

10. Merchant banks ______ business with companies.

11. He ______ accounting.

12. Our company _______ computers.

13. The businessman ________ contact with a new customer.

14. I ______ what the boss wanted.

15. She _____ a good salary as an auditor.

16. That company _______ a big profit.

Exercises in Comprehension

Ex.1. Answer the following questions:

1. What is the bank?

2. What is banking?

3. What types of banks exist in most countries?

4. What functions do central banks perform?

5. What kind of institution is a commercial bank?

6. What is the difference between a national bank and a commercial bank?

7. Who are the clients of a merchant bank?

8. What do merchant banks specialize in?

9. What are investment banks?

10. What is characteristic of a savings bank (as opposed to a merchant bank)?

11. What are the potential advantages of large banks?

12. What is the Federal Reserve System?

Ex.2. Translate into English:

1. Банк – це установа, яка має справу з грошима та надає різні фінансові послуги.

2. Банківська справа – це бізнес, яким займається банк.

3. Нацбанк України піклується про державні фінанси та монетарну політику.

4. Центральні банки відповідають за емісію грошей.

5. Головна мета комерційного банку – одержання прибутку.

6. Торговельний банк надає послуги компаніям. Він не працює з населенням.

7. Інвестиційний банк – це фірма, яка контролює випуск нових цінних паперів.

8. Ощадний банк спеціалізується в наданні таких послуг, як ощадні рахунки.

9. Комерційні банки – це головна ланка в кредитній системі держави.

10. Федеральна резервна система, яка включає 12 федеральних банків та їх філії, контролює американську державну банківську систему.

Ex.3. Sum up what you remember about:

a) banking

b) different types of banks and their functions

Grammar Revision

Comparison of Adjectives   s We add –er to one-syllable adjectives to form the comparative and –est to form the superlative Demand for our computers is high in Egypt, higher in Turkey but the highest demand is in Russia. s We add –ier and –iest to adjectives ending in –y wealthy – wealthier – the wealthiest s We add more/less and the most /the least to two or more syllable adjectives important – more/less important – the most /least important s There are “irregular” comparatives and superlatives good – better – the best bad – worse – the worst far – farther/further – the farthest/furthest old – elder – the eldest (for family members only) s We use than to compare two or more things The CD is more expensive than the cassette.

Complete these sentences using the correct form of one of the words above. Make your own sentences to show that you understand the difference in their meaning. - Ex.1. Divide the adjectives in the box into groups according to how the comparative and the superlative are formed.

Ex.2. Use adjectives from the box and write sentences comparing your country and some other countries. Use both comparative and superlative adjectives. Write at least five sentences.

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