Assignments. I. Answer the questions

I. Answer the questions.

1. What are the managers’ duties?

2. What does planning involve?

3. What do managers do in the organizing phase?

4. What does effective direction require?

5. What could a manager discover in performing the controlling function?

II. Translate into Ukrainian:

staffing, management functions, major problems, right person, make changes, potential abilities, day-to-day direction and supervision.

III. Translate the sentences into English.

1. Планування включає визначення загальних цілей компанії та вирішення, як ці цілі можуть бути найкраше досягнені.

2. В обов’язки команди менеджерів входить піклування про ефективну комерційну діяльність.

3. Ефективна управлінська діяльність вимагає від менеджерів постійного спілкування з працівниками.

4. В свою чергу планування складається з комплексу різноманітних операцій, таких як прогнозування, визначення цілей, вибір стратегії, розробка програми, складання бюджету, розробка політики та ін.

5. Контроль виступає одним з головних інструментів розробки політики прийняття рішень, які забезпечують нормальне функціонування фірми й досягнення нею намічених цілей.

IV. Find proper definitions.

Terms Definitions
1.Planning     2.Controlling   3.Organizing     4. Directing a) the managerial activity involved with creating a formal structure of tasks and authority. b) an organizational activity that requires establishment of a predetermined course of action, beginning with a statement of goals. c) the process through which employees are led and motivated to make effective and efficient contributions to the realization of organizational goals. d) all managerial activity that is undertaken to assure that operations go according to plan.

V. Match the verbs in the first column with the most likely noun in the second column. More than one combination may be possible.

assign data

collect/interpret launch date

contract/contact man/person hours

design market

estimate milestones

finalize prototype

recruit responsibilities

research suppliers

set workforce/project team

VI. Are these nouns countable, uncountable, or both?

information advice equipment

fact job furniture

research work paper

money man newspaper

dollar person news

suggestion machinery time

help machine experience

VII. Choose the appropriate words from those in brackets and use them to complete the following sentences:

(establishing, select, choose, involve, assigned, authority, define, guidelines, organization, enable, implementation, purpose, environment)

1. It is important to _____ objectives and the actions to achieve them.

2. Planning _____ both the introduction of new things and their_____.

3. It is necessary to ____ people to know their purposes and objectives.

4. Tasks should be _____ to people who can do them best.

5. Managers should give the _____ to be followed if they want the tasks to be performed efficiently.

6. People should have the necessary _____ tools, and information to accomplish the task.

7. Organizing involves _____ an intentional structure of roles for people.

8. The ______ of an organization structure is to help in creating _____ for human performance.

9. The structure must _____ the tasks to be assigned.

10. To design an effective ____ is not an easy managerial task.

VIII. Sum up what the text says about all management functions.

Text 5


1. Comment on the statement: “What do managers do? Even managers themselves don’t always know”.

2. Who and how can become a manager?

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