Прочтите диалог. Тренируйте диалог в парах, затем постарайтесь его воспроизвести

Student: I am a petroleum engineer and I am interested in the construction of a subsurface centrifugal pump.

Teacher: All right. You may put questions to me and I’ll try to answer them.

Student: Well, what can you say about the dimensions of such a pump?

Teacher: As far as I know, the cross-sectional dimensions of a motor are restricted by the diameter of the casing string but the length of it is quite considerable.

Student: As far as I can judge the speed of this motor must also be considerable.

Teacher: Yes, as it was mentioned in special literature the speed of subsurface pump motors is about 3000 rpm.

Student: Well, if the length of a subsurface centrifugal pump is considerable (about 7 meters) then it is not convenient for transportation?

Teacher: Right you are, for transportation the motor and pump which are quite long are placed on special racks keeping them fixed and protecting them from bending under gravity.

Student: Thank you very much for the information you have given to me.

21. Английский юмор:

The professor, who was famous for being absent-minded, returned home and rang at the door.

The ring was answered by a new maid. The girl looked at him inquiringly.

“Um-ah- is Professor Thompson at home?” he asked, naming himself.

“No, sir,” the maid replied, “but he is expected any moment now.”

The professor turned away, the girl closed the door. Then the poor man sat down on the steps to wait for himself.

At the Top

- A telegram from George, dear.

- Well, did he pass the examination this time?

- No, but he is almost at the top of the list of those who failed.

Father: Aren’t you ashamed to be at the bottom in a class of twenty-eight boys?

Willie: Oh, that’s not so bad.

Father: What do you mean, not so bad?

Willie: Suppose there were fifty boys.


Грамматика: 1. Причастие I. Причастие II.

Текст: Oil and Gas Field Development

1. Прочтите вслух следующие слова:

- gas, natural, dynamic

- pump, production, flooding, result, cut, number,

- problem, optimal, cost.

- important, call, all, porous, smaller, short

- work, surface, occur

- equipment, quarter

- mechanical, located, injection

2. Прочтите следующие слова, обращая внимание на ударение:

development [ ], accordance [ ], geological [ ], hydrodynamic [ ], occur [ ], mechanical [ ], pressure [ ], fluid [ ], various [ ], maintain [ ], injection [ ], artificial [ ].

3. Запомните следующие слова и словосочетания:

oil (gas) field - нефтяное (газовое) месторождение

development - разработка, развитие

consist in - заключаться в

in accordance with - в соответствии с

condition - условие, состояние

project - проект, план

well - скважина

datum (pl data) - данные

obtain - получать, добывать

exploratory drilling - разведочное бурение

exploitation - эксплуатация

spacing - размещение (скважин)

production well - эксплуатационная скважина

interrelated - взаимосвязанный

occur - происходить, случаться

flow - фильтрация, течение

porous - пористый

stratum (p1 strata) - пласт (пласты)

lift - подъем

surface - поверхность

flowing well - фонтанирующая скважина

fluid - жидкость

formational pressure - пластовое давление

directly - прямо

by means of - с помощью

air-gas lift - эр (газ) лифт

subsurface - подземный

pump - насос

inject - нагнетать, закачивать

injection - закачка

compressed gas - сжатый газ

maintain - поддерживать, сохранять

ensure - обеспечивать, гарантировать

rate of production - дебит, темпы отбора

injection well - нагнетательная скважина

water flooding - водозаводнение

edge water - краевая вода

large scale - широкий (большой) масштаб

artificial - искусственный

cut - снижение

expenditure - трата, расход

operate - (зд.: разрабатывать)

area - район, область

save - экономить

due to - благодаря

reduction - снижение

cost- стоимость

4. Подберите из правой колонки правильный перевод английских слов и словосочетаний:

1) In accordance with 1) нагнетательная скважина

2) exploratory drilling 2) добыча нефти

3) well exploitation 3) разработка нефтяного месторождения

4) flowing well 4) эксплуатационная скважина

5) formational pressure 5) в соответствии с

6) injection well 6) эксплуатация скважины

7) water flooding 7) разведочное бурение

8) oil production 8) пластовое давление

9) oil field development 9) заводнение

10) production well 10) фонтанирующая скважина

5. Переведите на русский язык следующие сочетания слов без словаря:

a complex work, to the surface, special development projects, based on, during exploratory drilling, consists in, optimal spacing, through porous rock, well exploitation, by the natural formational pressure, various engineering equipment, subsurface pumps, a compressed gas, water flooding, on a large scale, due to the reduction of, the cost of.

6. Определите значение выделенных слов по сходству их корней с корнями соответствующих слов в русском языке:

oil and gas field, a complex work, special development, natural conditions, drilling and exploitation, important problems, optimal spacing, production wells, is dictated by ..., geological conditions, hydrodynamic and economicalcalculations, through porous rock, the methods of lifting, they can be classified into ..., two basic groups, mechanical exploitation, a compressed gas, 70 percent, the given system, to increase the distance, the result of which, in a short period of time.

7. Определите по суффиксам, какой частью речи являются следующие слова, и переведите их на русский язык:

develop – development; explore – exploratory; exploit – exploitation; dictate – dictator; geology - geological – geologist; calculate - calculator – calculation; occur – occurrence; pore - porous – porosity; mechanics – mechanical; vary – various; equip – equipment; direct – directly; compress - compressor – compressed; press – pressure; maintain - maintenance.

8. Переведите на русский язык следующие прилагательные с суффиксом

special, natural, optimal, geological, economical, mechanical, formational, artificial.

9. Определите значение слова development (развитие; разработка) в контексте:

1. The Russian economic development means the dynamic and balanced growth of production, the speeding up of scientific and technical progress, the development of high technologies and so on. 2. The development of industries must meet the country’s growing requirements in metals, energy, chemical products, timber and building materials. 3. Gas and oil were first discovered in the North Sea off Britain’s shores recently. But still coal has a role to play in the country’s energy policy based on the development of fossil fuels.

10. Запомните:

to consist of - состоять из ...

Many of the oil fields in California consist of not one but several individual oil pools.

to consist in - заключаться в ...

Now the task consists in choosing a proper prospecting method.

11. Participle I (Причастие I) образуется путем прибавления суффикса -ing к основе глагола. Помните, что в предложении Participle I может выполнять две синтаксические функции:

а) определение

левое правое (на русский язык обычно переводится
причастием на -щий, -щая, -щее, -щие)

the boiling water the teacher training students

corresponding units the pipes connecting the oil tanks

a moving body the engineer testing these devices

a reading man

б) обстоятельство (варианты перевода):

1. при + отглагольное существительное

2. деепричастия на –ая, -яя,

3. когда… (придаточное предложение)

Working with the substance …

Reading an English text…

When developing an old field …

They usually filter water using sand filters.

Participle I выполняет также грамматическую функцию: входит в состав составного сказуемого во временах группы Continuous:

1. Не is working in the laboratory.

2. They were discussing a very difficult problem.

3. Students will be working here from 9 till 12 o’clock in the morning.

Переведите предложения на русский язык, учитывая функции Participle I:

1.Working with the substance, the experimentor always adds some water to it. 2.The problems facing our laboratory this year are very important for our industry.
3. Carbon combines with oxygen, forming carbon dioxide. 4. The man lecturing in Room 312 is a professor of our department. 5. Reading technical texts, research workers pay attention to new information. 6. The students are experimenting with new substances. 7. The seminar beginning today ends in three days. 8. The Dean is opening the meeting. 9. The water flowing from springs and streams makes rivers or lakes. 10. The students are completing their work. 11. The students completing their second year at the university go for their professional training to different plants and oil fields. 12. Oil and gas field development is a complex work consisting in drilling of the field and lifting of oil and gas to the surface. 13. When developing an oil field two interrelated processes occur. 14. In Russia more than 70 per cent of oil is produced using this method. 15. Injection of gas and water into the well is the best method of maintaining the formational pressure, ensuring high rates of oil production.

12. Образуйте формы Причастия I и II от следующих глаголов и переведите их:

to read, to do, to leave, to give, to know, to connect, to make, to speak, to build, to equip, to show, to design.

13. Переведите на английский язык следующие словосочетания:

читающие студенты; падающее тело; лектор, объясняющий новый материал; написанное письмо; прибор, сконструированный группой инженеров; решенные проблемы; студенты, решающие задачу; измеренное расстояние; статья, переведенная мной; пишущий человек; полученная информация; экспериментатор, нагревающий вещество.

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