The basis duties of Human and citizens

Defense of the Motherland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, respect for its State symbols shall be the duty of the citizens of Ukraine. Citizens shall perform military service in accordance with law. (Article 65).

Mutual duties of parents and children. Parents shall be obliged to sustain their children until they are of full age. Adult children shall be obliged to care for their parents who are incapable to work.(Article 51)

Everyone shall be obliged to pay taxes and levies in accordance with the procedure and to the extent established by law. All citizens shall annually file declarations to the tax authorities at their place of residence on their property status and income for the past year, in compliance with the procedure established by law. (Article 67)

Everyone shall be to get full secondary education. According to article 53 complete general secondary education shall be compulsory.

Everyone shall be obliged to strictly abide by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, and not to encroach upon the rights, freedoms, honour, or dignity of other persons. Ignorance of laws shall not exempt one from legal liability. (Article 68).

Concept and forms of realization of peoples sovereignty, direct and representation democracy.

Article 5 of the constitution of Ukraine proclaims that the people shall be the bearer of sovereignty and the sole source of power in Ukraine. The people shall exercise power directly or through the state authorities and local self-government bodies.

The right to determine and change the constitutional order in Ukraine shall belong exclusively to the people and shall not be usurped by the State, its bodies, or officials. No one shall usurp the State power.

The people of Ukraine have the exclusive right to determine and change the constitutional system. For example, such important characteristics of the Ukrainian state as a form of government and the state system can be changed as a result of all Ukrainian referendum.

People sovereignty existed in the following forms:

1) by a non-state power. Such type of power is the local self-government;

2) by a state power. State power is sold directly to the people (elections, referendums) and through representative bodies.

Democracy an ancient Greek word, that is usually translated as "government of the people." Thus, democracy and people sovereignty are similar. In the modern sense of the word democracy is a system and a process of collective management of society.

There are direct and representative democracies.

Direct democracy is a direct participation of citizens in the management of public and state affairs. The Constitution of Ukraine fixed the main forms of direct democracy such as elections and the referendum..

Elections are a process of forming of a representative body or replacement of a position by voting.

In Ukraine there are the following kinds of elections:

1) Election of Deputies of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine;

2) Election of the President of Ukraine;

3) Election of Deputies of the Supreme Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;

4) Election of deputies of local councils;

5) Election of village, town and city Heads.

Depending the time of the election are divided into:

a) regular;

b) extraordinary;

a) repeatedly;

g) instead of left deputies.

The order of elections is determined by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

Referendum is the political decision of voting.

Representative democracy is the decision of public and state issues by elective representatives of citizens. Bodies of representative democracy in Ukraine:

1) The Supreme Rada of Ukraine;

2) The President of Ukraine;

3) The Supreme Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;

4) local self-governments.

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