Listen to the text. Read the statements and say if they are true or false.

1) Pollution is not only caused by factories, big ships and cars.

2) People realized the danger of pollution at once.

3) Small seas become polluted easily.

4) The countries of the Baltic basin co­operate in solving prob­


5) There are special laws for environmental protection.

6) only few big cities lie on the coast of the Baltic.

7) If you drop litter, you pollute.

Match the two halves of the sentences.

1) The aim of the agreement is…

2) Most big cities…

3) Seven industrial cities…

4) Quite a lot of big cities…

5) When millions of people do the same thing…

6) As many as 250 rivers…

Listen to the text. Read the statements and say if they are true or false. - LISTENING. 10th form 17

a) …pour their waste into seas and rivers. b) …lie on the coast.

c) …pollution begins.

d) …to prevent pollution. e) …surround the Baltic. f) …run into the Baltic.

Answer the questions.

1) What are possible causes of pollution?

2) Why is the Baltic a special case?

3) How do rivers influence the seas?

4) What is the aim of agreement among the seven Baltic states?

Say how forests and rivers, soil and natural resources are va- luable to us. Write not less than 12 sentences.

10th Form


Ethical choices usually involve love, work, friendship or money — sometimes all four. occasionally we have faced with a simple decision between good and evil, though usually we find ourselves trying to choose between the lesser of two evils. The distinction between right and wrong is not always clear cut.

david found himself in a personal, professional and ethical dilem­ ma when one of his closest friends learned there was a public relations job coming up in david’s company. The friend asked david to recom­ mend him for the job but david didn’t think his friend would be able to handle the work.

“I think I could probably help him get a job, but if he weren’t my friend I wouldn’t recommend him. What if we employed him, at least partly on my say­so, and he was no good? But I really hate to say no to a good friend”.

david made a half­hearted recommendation that revealed his res­ ervations about his friend’s capabilities and his friend was satisfied even though he didn’t get the job.

But Ann Boe, president of a management consultancy firm, says david handled the situation wrongly. “I think he should have told his friend the truth — perhaps taken him out to dinner and told him that he wasn’t right for the job. I know it’s pretty likely that david’s friend

Listen to the text. Read the statements and say if they are true or false. - 18 Тестові та перевірочні завдання з англійської мови. 2–11 класи

would be angry with him but there’s no easy way out. When you get into a mess of this kind, it’s not because you are protecting your friend’s feelings but because you’re protecting yourself from your friend’s anger.

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