Always check that you have actually enclosed the documents you have mentioned in your letter. And check that you have enclosed the right documents: if, for example, you say in the body of the letter, that you are enclosing 'our leaflet PB/14', do not then enclose leaflet PB/15. Or, when sending a covering letter with an order, make sure you have quoted the order number accurately in your letter.

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1 Include just the right amount of information in your letter. (But better to include too much than too little.)

2 Plan your letter before you start writing, to make sure it says everything you want to say and says it in a logical sequence.

3 Use a simple but polite style of language. Beware of idioms.

4 Your letter should be clear and unambiguous. Take care with abbreviations and figures.

5Accuracy is important. Pay special attention to titles, names and addresses, references, prices and specifications, enclosures.

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order and sequence

style and language


colloquial language


a statement



to draw attention to something

to point out something

to make a point

to restate a point

to open a letter

to introduce oneself

to acknowledge an inquiry

to enclose a catalogue

to encourage further contact

to close a letter a sentence

a paragraph




Letters on Business Situations


• Decide what to say before you start to write. If you don't, the sentences are likely to go on and on until you can think of good way to finish. In other words, make sure that you plan ahead.

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• Put each separate idea in a separate

• Use short sentences

• Use short words that everyone can understand. You may be writing to people whose English isn't as good as yours.

• Think about your reader. Your letters should

Enclosures - student2.ru Clear - make sure the reader knows exactly what you mean

Enclosures - student2.ru Enclosures - student2.ru Complete - make sure you give the reader

all the necessary information.

Enclosures - student2.ru Courteous - write in a sincere, polite tone.

Enclosures - student2.ru Correct - the reader may be confused if the are too many mistakes in grammar, punctuation or spelling.

Enclosures - student2.ru Check your letter through before you print it - and correct any mistakes you find, be sure that you have included all the necessary information: numbers, prices or dates.

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