To dust the furniture

To be alive

more dead than alive – полумёртвый, смертельно усталый; скорее жив, чем мертв

But: a live rabbit

To be alone

to be afire = to be aflame

2. to turn on the gas / light / TV-set / radio / central heating

Ant. to turn off Turn it off all together.

Syn. to switch on / off = to plug in / to unplug

To (the) music

to the piano / radio / music centre

to sing to the guitar

to the rain

To have a wash

to wash one’s hair

to wash linen / clothes To wash one’s dirty linen in public.

to wash up = to wash the dishes

to help smb. (to) do smth. = to give smb. a hand with doing smth.

I’ll give you a hand with washing up.

to clean the floor / windows

5. to clean one’s teeth = to brush one’s teeth

to clean / brushone’s clothes/ shoes / nails

to brush one’s hair = to comb one’s hair

a comb / a hair-brush

A tooth-brush

A shoe-brush

6. to clean the room = to do the room / the flat / the house

to do the bed / to make the bed

To tidy up

To repair

Syn. to put smth. right = to fix smth.

To do repairs

8. to take a bath / a shower

Syn. to have a bath / a shower

to take a warm / hot / cold shower

9. to dry oneself on / with a towel

a double towel = a Turkish towel

To put on

Ant. to take off

To get dressed

Ant. to get undressed

to get changed = to change one’s clothes

to be dressed in smth.

Syn. to have smth. on = to wear smth.

11. to go by bus / tram / train

But: I’ve come here on the bus / trolleybus.

I get to work inmy father’s car / a taxi.

12. to sweep (swept, swept)

to sweep the floor with a broom (веник, метла) / brush / besom (веник, метла)

to vacuum-clean furniture / a carpet

Syn.( colloquial) to hoover = to vacuum

a vacuum cleaner = a hoover (coll.)

to beata rug / a carpet = to shakea rug / a carpet

to shampooa rug / a carpet— мыть ковёр

to carry the trash out — выносить мусор

To water the house plants

to dust the furniture

14. an electric / a steam iron

to plug in an iron — включать утюг в сеть

Ant. to unplug an iron — выключать утюг из сети

to iron linen / clothes Shall I iron the linen?

Syn. to do ironing Shall I do the ironing for you?


1. Give the synonyms of:

to have a bath

to have a shower

to turn off the light

to clean one’s teeth

to have smth. on (2)

to iron linen

to repair (2)

to brush one’s hair

to be aflame

to wash dishes

to do the bed

to clean the room

to help smb. do the washing up

to vacuum

2. Give the anonyms of:

to have a hot shower

to take off

to get to work on the bus

to turn on

to be dead

to be awake

3. Express in a shorter way:

to clean one’s teeth with a brush

to clean one’s shoes with a brush

to clean the floor with a brush

4. Pattern: to clean the floor

Go and clean the floor. – I’ve already cleaned it.

to brush one’s shoes

to clean the windows in your room

to sweep the floor in the kitchen

to have a wash

to wash up

to turn off the gas

to do the bed

to wash the clothes

to do the room

to wash one’s face

to comb one’s hair

to clean one’s teeth

to unplug the steam iron

to wash one’s hands

to change one’s clothes

to beat the rugs

5. Translate the sentences:

Я не сплю (3 variants)

Включи кран (tap) / воду / свет.

Выключи кран / воду / ее.

Пойди и умойся. – Я уже умылась.

Я не люблю мыть посуду. – Я тоже. А кто любит? Но надо же ее мыть.

Моя кукла только что приняла душ, мама, поэтому я вытираю ее твоим махровым полотенцем.

Убери свою комнату. – Я ее уже убрала.

New Vocabulary(Continuation)

1. to be late fora lecture / the concert / school

Ant. to be in / on time for

2. to take some timeIt takes him five minutes to get to his office.

How long does it take you to do your homework?

It takes me no time.

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