Is good for me is bad for me

Fish too much salt

Plenty of fresh air regular exercises

Lots of sugar alcohol

Smoking salad

Fresh fruit a lot of stress

8. Use the correct form of the verbs twice to complete the sentences:

(cut down, keep, give up, avoid, stay)

1.________________________stressful situations, if you can.

2. Eat small meals and ___________________big meals especially at night.

3. His dad _______________smoking and plays sport.

4. He can’t stop drinking but he tries to _________________a little.

5. Hs weight has _________________the same for the last two years.

6. Lots of fresh fruits will help you to __________________healthy.

7. Playing tennis twice a week __________________me fit.

8. Some doctors say it’s not essentials to ______________completely.

9. To start a diet is easy but to ________________to it is much harder.

10. Too much sugar in tea and coffee is no good. Try to ____________the amount of it.

9. Match the nouns with the words and fill in the gaps in the sentences:

Be a crash diet

Cut out a health club

Go on a few kilos

Join weight

Lose gym

Put on a diet

Resist chocolates

Anything sweet

She _________________a gym and she ________________________on diet now.

You should try to cut on your burgers and ___________a health club.

I’m a kilo heavier! I seem to ________weight.

You eat a lot of fatty food. ________it _________your diet.

How can you stick to a diet? As for me, I can’t _______cakes.

He is overweight. He goes to the gym _________a few kilos.


Healthy Way of Life

1. Learn the following words, write them down into your vocabulary and find out their meanings:

Addicts-people who take drugs regularly;

Crack/ecstasy- two drugs which became popular with teenagers in the late 80s. Both are cheaper than heroin and cocaine.


Arms-weapons (guns, bombs, etc.);

An advertising campaign- series of advertisements in different media;

AIDS-a disease (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome);

Slogan-a short sentence used to promote something;

Dealers-people who sell something (in this case drugs);

To glamorize-to make something look exciting and attractive.

2. Is it pessimistic or optimistic?

1) Out of a thousand smokers who smoke 20 cigarettes a day, one will be murdered, six will be killed on the roads, and about three hundred and thirty will die because of their smoking.

2) If you decide to give up smoking and drinking, you don’t actually live longer; it just seems longer.

3) Teenagers begin to smoke because they think it’s cool and because they think they look grown up. The cigarette is a symbol of an attack and authority.

4) The world spends $ 150 billion a year on smoking-related illnesses.

5) I have every sympathy with the American who was so horrified by what he had read about the effects of smoking that he gave up reading.

3. Match the English sentences with their Ukrainian equivalents:

1. It impairs your vision. А) ви втрачаєте сексуальну привабливість;

2. It takes your breath away and gives you б) воно забруднює повітря та відштовхує

Emphysema від вас друзів, котрі не палять.

3. It causes lung cancer and cancer of the в) воно ослаблює ваш зір;


4. It turns your teeth and fingers yellow and г) ваші зуби та пальці жовтіють та шкіра

gives you ugly skin. Виглядає жахливо.

5. It makes your breath stink and your hair and д) це пусте марнування грошей та часу.

clothes smell awful.

6. It wastes your time and empties your pockets. Е) воно викликає рак легенів та рак горла.

7. It pollutes the air around you and makes your є) від вас тхне як від старої попільниці.

Non-smoking friends avoid you. Ж) ви набуваєте смердючого запаху з роту

Й ваші речі смердять жахливо.

8. It ruins your sex appeal. З) Воно викликає задуху та призводить до


4. Read the text, translate it and explain the reasons of Government doings:

Do You Want To Kiss An Old Ashtray?

A beautiful girl looks across the dinner table at an attractive young man. He is walking over to her. She is pleased. She pauses while he comes near her. Then suddenly, when he is near, she turns around and walks quickly away. ‘Ugh’, she says, ’he smells like an old ashtray’. It is an anti-smoking advertisement in British cinemas.

In 1971 the British Government made a law about smoking. Every packet of cigarettes must have a health warning on it. Television and radio station cannot advertise cigarettes. Almost half the trains in Britain is ‘No smoking’. You may not smoke in British theaters.

But people still smoke where and when they can though they know that nicotine in tobacco is bad for them. Habits of younger people are not too fixed, that is why the Government films are for young people. The new advertisements in cinemas show attractive young men and women who smoke. Other young people look at them and say: ‘Yes, they are attractive, but ugh! Their hair and clothes smell of tobacco; their teeth and fingers are all yellow’. ‘Do you want to kiss an old ashtray?’ Teenagers often have their first cigarette because they think they look older and more attractive if they smoke. Perhaps they won’t continue if they think it unattractive.

5. Make true or false statements:

1) Anti-smoking advertisements are very popular in British cinemas.

2) The young girl is walking over to the young man at the end of the dinner.

3) She kisses him and says that he smells of tobacco.

4) Every packet of cigarettes must have a colored picture on it.

5) In Britain television and radio often advertise cigarettes.

6) Now in Britain almost half the trains is ‘No smoking’.

7) You may not smoke in British theaters.

8) Habits of young people are well-fixed.

9) The Government films about smoking are for elder people.

10) The new advertisements in cinemas show attractive young men and women who smoke.

6. Mark who is fit and healthy and who is not fit:

My brother plays rugby. He lets himself get out of condition-he has put on twenty kilos.

My Dad is really unfit. He spends much time in front of the TV. He gets out of breath.

My grand-dad is 75 but he’s got loads of energy. He plays golf and jogs round the park.

My Mum is in really good shape. She goes to the gym and lays tennis.

My sister is a swimming instructor. She is fit as a fiddle.

7. Tick the statements which are true for you:

a. I walk to school. a. I do the housework at 5.

b. I go by bus to school. b. I sit and watch TV at 5.

a. I have muesli for breakfast. a. I don’t drink alcohol.

b. I never eat muesli. b. I can drink alcohol.

a. I never eat between meals. a. I occasionally eat sweets.

b. I ea sweets between meals. b. I eat sweets regularly.

a. I play sport. a. I don’t eat chips.

b. I gave up sport. b. I have chips every week.

a. My waist is the same. a. I always walk upstairs.

b. My waist is bigger. b. I always take the lift.

a. I eat fish every week. a. I go dancing.

b. I never eat fish. b. I never go dancing.

a. I always eat puddings. a. I go out into the country.

b. I never eat puddings. b. The countryside isn’t for me.

a. I relax by reading.

b. I relax by eating.

(Look at the key how healthy you are)

14-15 a’s Congratulations! You’re as fit as the fiddle.

10-13 a’s You’re in pretty good shape. Keep.

6-9 a’s You could be better! Go on a diet or join the healthy club.

0-5 a’s Oh dear! You’d go to the doctor before it’s too late!


Healthy way of life

1. Learn the following words, write them down into your vocabulary :

Survey-огляд, effect-вплив,

Increase-збільшення, to absorb-усмоктувати,

Convince-переконувати, heavy smoker-запеклий курець,

Drug-наркотик, visible harm-помітна шкода,

Double-подвоювати, long range-довготривалий ефект,

Admit-визнавати, to attribute-пояснювати,

Stimulant-стимулюючий, to cause-викликати,

Hallucinogen-галюциноген, to establish-установлювати,

LSD-ЛСД, disease-хвороба,

Rebel-протестувати, to deal-мати справу,

Treat-ставитися, to admit-визнавати,

Dare-виклик, ambiguous-сумнівний,

Helpline-телефон довіри, confusion-плутанина,

Illegal-незаконний, controversy-дискусія,

Expel-виключати, result obtained-отримані результати,

Addict-наркоман, conclusive-заключний,

Mass media-засоби масової інформації, to give it up-кинути,

Male-чоловік, to make an attempt-робити спробу,

Female-;іyrf? to succeed-ljczunb vtnb/

For certain-напевно.

2. Read and translate the text:

There are three main kinds of drugs-hard, soft, and legal. They can all cause addiction, serious illness and even death.

Hard drugs.

Include heroin, cocaine, LSD and crack.

Soft drugs.

Include marijuana, amphetamines (speed), solvents (glue) and ecstasy.

Legal drugs.

Include tobacco, alcohol and certain tranquillizers.

In New York over 50 % of all arrests are connected with drugs.

Customs officers only find between 15 to 20% of drugs entering the USA and Western Europe.

The two most important drug-growing areas are Latin America and South-east Asia. People there depend on money from their drug crops.

Thousands of drug-addicts die every year. Some die from drugs themselves. Others die from AIDS. This is because they use dirty needles or share needles. Drugs are the second biggest business in the world. Only the arms industry is bigger. is there a solution?

1) Advertising campaigns.

They play an important part in the war against the drugs. In America there has been several campaigns in recent years. Each one has had a message-for example, ‘Just say NO’, ‘Stop the madness’, or ‘Don’t Do Drugs’. A lot of movies and pop stars took part in these campaigns.

In Britain, some anti-drugs campaigns have tried to shock young people. They showed how heroin, for example, can completely destroy addicts’ lives. Also, how dirty needles spread AIDS.

Others have been less dramatic. The slogan for one in Scotland was ‘Choose Life Not Drugs. Be All You Can Be’. This focused on pictures of healthy, independent young people-not the problems of addicts.

2) Education.

As well as advertising, education is also vital in the fight against drugs. Many schools have a drug-education program for children as young as 8 or 9. Programs like these include books, videos, and cassettes. Some schools even arrange visits from ex-addicts. One of these is Ted Cooper. He travels around Britain giving teenagers two-hour drug-education lessons. He tells them how addicts live. How they…

-steal money;

-hurt their families;

-are cheated by dealers;

-destroy their health.

‘That’s the truth ’says Ted, ‘And don’t glamorize it’.

3. I follow the doctor’s advice.

Match the problems and pieces of advice:

Problems Pieces of advice

1. My hair is always oily. I was it in the morning Look at your diet. Are you eating many oily food

and after school when I come home. And I can’t get like potato crisps or chips?

rid of the spots on my face.

2. Ne w trousers don’t fit me after a couple of He’d better play tennis after work. That would

months. So I have to buy all my trousers one size too help him relax. He needs less stress in his life.

big. So they last twice as long.

3. I get breathless if I go upstairs. I used to run You’re eating too much. If you’re putting weight

upstairs. Now I stop halfway to have a rest. On you must eat less and more healthily. Cut out

all sugar, butter and cream. Change to semi-

skimmed milk.

4. When he comes home from work, he You are smoking too much. You are breathless at

Pours himself a large gin and tonic. It’s the only the moment. Consult the doctor; may be it’s

way he can relax. cancer.

4. Ill n the gaps with the words from the brackets:

(Food, bloodstream, breakdown, alimentary, stomach, intestine)

Digestive system is the ___________track, the body’s apparatus for breaking _________particles down the juices. Food, after being partially broken down in the mouth, passes to the _________, where the process of __________continues. It then passes to the small intestine for further breakdown. The useful particles are absorbed into the _________. The remaining particles pass through the large________ and are ultimately expelled.

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