Scan the text. Define the main idea. Do you agree with the author about the role of music in raising a person’s cultural awareness?

(C) Broaden your musical horizons. Many people are very narrow-minded when it comes to music, but a person of culture knows how to enjoy even the niche music genres.

For example, while it is very well-intended that a person enjoys songs with non-cliché lyrics, it is also important that one is able to enjoy music without lyrics at all, just for the mood it can set, or the story it tells, needless of words.

The ability to appreciate classical music is not as daunting as it seems. Just listen to some famous musical pieces and you will most definitely understand why.

Be very open-minded. There is a lot of music out there which may not fit into any genre, but you may enjoy it. Don't deny yourself music just because it does not fit into your image or genre.

Listen to albums, not just singles. They may have better songs on their albums which they left out of mainstream because they wouldn't be popular with the main market. This is not to say you won't enjoy those songs.

Listen to bands. Many bands go back quite a lot, even though some of their music is still fresh. This will give you access to older music, and you'll be able to hone an appreciation for older music altogether.

Listen to music from other countries and in other languages. You'll be surprised.

Learn a musical instrument. Once you listen to some good music, it will be natural for you to try and learn an instrument and create your own.

Scan the text. Define the main idea. Do you agree with the author about the role of music in raising a person’s cultural awareness? - Participate in Internet culture. Don't forget that past culture, such as 80s music, was once present culture. Those who paid attention are now well-rounded about it, while those who ignored it, are not. The digital age is very important and a hugemilestone for society. We are living in history! Don't let it pass you by. You ought to follow all latest achievements.

While you may feel like you already know a lot about the Internet, learn about the history of the Internet, and check out memes and viral videos so that you have a greater understanding of it.

Set your homepage to Wikipedia and read an article each day about something which seems "cultured" to you. In a very short time, you will know quite a bit more than you know now.

Take a deeper interest in art. Art is a universal language. It is sometimes considered the most potent form of communication. Whether it actually is, is up to you. You are to chose.

The only advice that can be given here is to do research and engage in art by going to galleries (which, contrary to popular belief, are free).

If there is one art form you particularly like, such as dancing or sculpting, then become practiced in it.

Read the text for general understanding. Say what is the best way to learn foreign language. What role can Internet play in your language and cultural development? How do you personally use it to develop yourself?

Scan the text. Define the main idea. Do you agree with the author about the role of music in raising a person’s cultural awareness? - (D) Learn a new language. The best way to do this is by immersion...

Travel. Reading about other cultures as opposed to experiencing them is like colour being explained to a blind person. Travelling introduces you to the many differences and similarities between cultures, and opens up your mind. A lot of the prejudices we have about a culture (good and bad) are grossly misplaced, and the only way to find out is to go and see for ourselves.

Get hobbies. Ask your friends what their hobbies are. Most of them will be art forms or sports. As a cultured person, it is important to be experienced in as much as possible, so next time your friend goes water-skiing, ask if you can come along.

Visit places where you can receive an education in a fun way. Go to the zoo, visit museums, even go camping to learn more about wildlife.

Educate yourself. Nowadays with the Internet, almost all information is accessible. You should take full advantage of this and learn all those things that you never understood before. You should aim to be reasonably educated in these topics:

World history. This is probably the most important, since it provides pathways into other domains of knowledge and contextualizes its discoveries.

Geography. Again, a person of culture should not be ignorant of where countries or famous landmarks are.

Basic Sciences: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Unless you want to follow a career in the sciences, a refined knowledge in the sciences isn't completely necessary. Instead, make sure you have a sound understanding of the sciences at a high school level.

Economics. This is very relevant in understanding today's world.

Psychology. A note about misconceptions: there is a huge misconception that Psychology is not a science, or that it is bogus. Read up on experimental methodology and actually educate yourself about it before believing those claims. Psychology is of extreme importance in today's society, becoming increasingly more so as the world becomes more complicated.

Free yourself from ignorance about other cultures. Develop a natural curiosity. Delve deep into things you don't understand.

Part of becoming cultured is learning about other cultures, not just your own. Try to free yourself from ignorance and media-fed stereotypes you have about other societies/religions.

Always try to empathize with all parties while learning. It is very important to challenge your prejudices.No one is inherently good or evil; instead you should aim to understand the motives for actions. Otherwise you will not understand other cultures.

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