Find words or phrases in the text with similar


1. Walking in the mountains or forest.

2. Going around, ignoring.

3. Vaccinations against diseases.

4. Hotels, apartments, places to stay.

Travel and Accommodation

A. Holidays

Here are a number of different places where you can spend a holiday:

camp site:a place where you can pitch a tent or park a caravan;

self-catering flat:aflat which you rent; you cook for yourself;

guest house: accommodation like a flat but cheaper and with fewer services;

youth hostel:cheap accommodation, mainly for young people, with, perhaps, ten or more people sleeping in bunk beds in one room;

holiday camp: a place providing holiday accommodation in little chalets or flats, with restaurants, bars, swimming pools and lots of other facilities and entertainment;

time-share apartment:accommodation which one owns, say, a 26-th part of and so has the right to stay there for 2 weeks every year.

B. Booking travel and holidays

Here are some choices you may make when booking holidays:

By air:

a) scheduledflight - first, businessor economyclass

route (e.g. via Amsterdam)

b) fare type(e.g. Apex, Budget)

c) charterflight - inclusive / all-in package flight only

/ extras (e.g. airport taxes / insurance )

A scheduled flightis a normal, regular flight.

A charter flightis a special flight taking a group of people, usually to the same holiday destination.

Apexfares normally have to be booked a fixed number of days in advance and they offer value for money. Budgetfares are usually cheaper but may have restrictions(e.g. you can only travel on certain days) and are usually non-refundable- you can't get your money back - or if you cancel, you may have to pay a cancellation fee. Some tickets allow a stopover - you may stay somewhere overnight before continuing to your destination. All-in packagesnormally include accommodation and transfers(e.g. a bus or coach to and from your hotel).

Sea travelis normally on a ferry, and the journey is called a crossing, but you can have a holiday on the sea if you go on a cruise. For some people a luxury cruise is the holiday of a lifetime. (one you will always remember). You may decide to book a berthin a shared cabin(a bed in a cabin shared with other people), or to have a single or double cabin. For more money, you can often get a deluxecabin, perhaps on the upper deck(the higher part of the ship which is often bigger and more comfortable).

Cruises often go toexotic(unusual or exciting) islands where you can get away from it all (escape your daily life and routines).

Car hire is another way of getting around(informal: travelling to different places). When you book it, you normally choose whether you want unlimited mileage (you can travel as many miles as you like for the same price). There may also be extrasto pay such as accident insurance. If you hire a car it gives you the freedom to go as you please (go where you want when you want).

C. Accommodation

Some people prefer hotels. Others prefer self-catering(where you do your own cooking) accommodation, such as a holiday apartment or chalet (small cottage or cabin specially built for holiday-makers). In Britain and Ireland, guest houses(private homes offering high standard accommodation) and inns(similar to pubs, but also offering accommodation; usually beautiful old buildings) offer good accommodation which is often cheaper than hotels, and there are many private homes offering bed-and-breakfast (often called B and B). Some types of accommodation offer half-board (usually breakfast and one other meal) or full board (all meals).

Types of hotel accommodation

Hotels in Britain are graded with stars from one-star to five-star (five-star hotelsare the best and most expensive). You can also stay in a Bed & Breakfast(B & B) (also called Guest Houses) where you pay for a bedroom, possibly an ensuite (= room with private bathroom) and breakfast.


main building; new building; annex; adjoining building

a room with morning sun / evening sun

a room with a view of ....

a single room: for one person with a single bed

a double room: for two people with one large double bed

a twin room: for two people with two single beds

a three-bed room

full board / also 'American plan' ( includes room, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

half-board / also 'modified American plan' (includes room, breakfast and one meal)

American plan (with statement of what is included)

B & B: just the room and breakfast


extra bed; folding bed; children's bed; couch

bath or shower; bath on floor

bidet and toilet; toilet on floor

hot and cold running water in room

telephone; radio and TV

refrigerator; safe; desk; sofa and chairs,

kitchen, cooking corner


lounge, reception room

balcony, veranda, terrace, garden

Use of:

tennis court, golf course, beach,

ski lift, sailboats, motorboats, rowboats,

outdoor / indoor swimming pool

Read the following trying to memorize phrases in

black type:

A Visit to a Hotel.

1.We stayed in Carlton hotel for three nights in July, but I booked(= reserved) our room three months in advance

(= before; in other words, in April) because it was the middle of the tourist season. When we arrived we checked in at reception, then the portercarried our suitcases up to our room. I gave him a small tip - about 50p, I think. The staff were very friendly - we had a very nice chambermaid

(= the woman who cleans the room) - and the room was very comfortable. The only problem we had, in fact, was with the shower which didn't work(= function) very well.(You could also say 'There wassomething wrong with the shower').

2.Could I book(= reserve) a room for next Thursday?

Could I have an early morning callat 7a.m., please?

(= Could you wake me up at 7a.m.?)

Could you put it on my bill, please? (= add the cost to the bill, e.g. for a drink you have in the hotel bar)

Could I pay my bill, please? (= pay for everything)

Could you order(= call) a taxi for me to the airport?

Are you fully booked (= completely full) next week?

Is breakfast / dinner included? (Does the price include breakfast / dinner?)

Excuse me. How do I get tothe underground from here?

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