Ex. 1.2. In the following dialogue put the verbs given in brackets in a correct tense and mood form. Translate the dialogue into Russian

Mr. Hunt, the manager of a small company (to produce) bathroom showers (to speak) to his very important customer, Mr. Benedetto, the manager of a hotel.

Mr. Benedetto: Well, I (to give) one last chance. Look at this order again. No more mistakes. You last (to deliver) the showers which I even (not to order).
Mr. Hunt: Oh, do forgive me. We never (not to repeat) that.
Mr. Benedetto: I (to hope) so. But remember. I would like to stress that I must (to get) this order by Thursday next week. It (to be) very important. I cannot (to accept) any other delivery time.
Mr. Hunt: Sure, sir. We (to send) it in time. We always (to deliver) your order in time, … we?
Mr. Benedetto: No, you … . once I (to receive) an order with a delay of two months. Besides, packing should be excellent.
Mr. Hunt: Certainly. I guess you (to agree) that this (to be) one thing we always (to do) before.
Mr. Benedetto: But twice my name (to write) Bereditto by your people.
Mr. Hunt: Oh, I (to be) so sorry. This time I myself (to write) your name clearly.
Mr. Benedetto: One last thing. (To call) me on Tuesday and (to inform) about the state of the order.
Mr. Hunt: Right, I (to phone) myself. The goods will definitely (to come) to right address and at the time you (to need) them.

Ex. 1.3. Put the words in a correct order to make a logical sentence. Translate the phrases into Russian.

1. This delay / once again / has caused / I regret / any inconvenience.

2. With them / our understanding of the issues / I will get in touch / so that we can improve.

3. Your attending / to this matter / I would appreciate / at your earliest convenience.

4. An alternate suggestion / if / we would be pleased / you have / to consider it.

5. To you / of some assistance / this information / I hope / will be.

6. This explanation / I trust / will answer / you raised / the questions.

7. I would appreciate / by the end / hearing from you / of February.

8. Any further information / please do not hesitate / if you need / to contact me.

9. The results / we will send you / as soon as possible / of the competition.

10. Receiving / I would appreciate / on the proposed form / before January 1st / your comments.

2. Make up Dialogue 11 on the topic “Changing the Order”.

3. Write a “Counter-Inquiry Letter”. Use the information given about the topic of the letter and useful expressions.

При наличии несогласованности между предложением и заказом или изменения условий возникает необходимость послать встречный запрос.

Структура встречного запроса со стороны продавца:

- благодарность за заказ;

- описание противоречий;

- предложение варианта решения.

Структура встречного запроса со стороны покупателя, то есть изменение заказа:

- ссылка на заказа или договора;

- описание изменения или корректировки;

- благодарность за согласие на дополнительные услуги.

Useful Expressions

1. We have pleasure in notifying you / announcing that our business has been amalgamated with …

2. Please note that last week we opened our new branch / factory at…

3. To mark the occasion we are making a special offer of …

4. We are writing to inform you that Mr. T. Rington and Mr. H. Hofman have been appointed as Chairmen in succession to Mr. Bellman and Mr. James…

4. Write a business letter “Withdrawal of the Order”. Use the information given about the topic of the letter and useful expressions.

Отзыв заказа подтверждается в письменном виде. Структура подобного письма такова:

- ссылка на заказ;

- обоснование причины его отзыва;

- извинения и, возможно, обещания на будущее.

Useful Expressions

1. We have ordered…but unfortunately made a mistake.

2. Unfortunately we have to withdraw our order of…

3. We are sorry, but we have to withdraw our order.

4. Unfortunately we cannot sell the goods to another party.

5. Because of urgent reorganization of our production we cannot use the ordered material.

6. We are sorry to inform you that our client became insolvent.

7. We can only consider placing an order if you can give us a price reduction of 10%.

8. We plan to compensate your losses by a new order.

9. We promise to turn to you if demand is available.

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