Match the words having the opposite meaning

trust waste
accurate lack of faith
timely inexact
metropolitan inopportune
save local

11.5. Complete the following sentences from the text and translate them into Russian:

1. Just 25,2 percent were the products of...

2. Of that number, 38 percent said that...

3. The percentage was higher among editors of lifestyle, ...

11.6. Complete the sentences with the words in the box:

Match the words having the opposite meaning -

Public relations 1) ______________ provide most of the 2) ______________used in the 3) ______________today. It also mentions the areas of 4) _________________that often contribute to an 5) ______________atmosphere. An important part of the relationship is based on mutual 6) _________________and 7) ___________.

11.7. Insert prepositionson; for; of; to; upon; with where necessary.

The chapter begins_____a review_____how reporters and public relations people are mutually dependent_____each other_____accomplishing their respective goals. It also mentions_____areas_____friction that often contribute_____an adversial atmosphere. The reporter cannot depend_____legwork alone to satisfy his paper's insatiable demand_____news.

12. Agree or disagree:

üPublic relations sources provide most of the information used in the media today.

üPublic relations materials save media outlets the time, money, and effort of gathering their own news.

Match the words having the opposite meaning - Match the words having the opposite meaning -

Yes, that's true.

There I agree completely.

I don't think that's quite right.

I'm afraid I don't agree

That's not quite so...

As far as I know...

13. Render the following item in English:

Связь со средствами массовой информации или прессой являются самой важной и цельной частью паблик рилейшнз. Взаимное доверие и уважение между организацией и средствами массовой информации являются необходимой основой для хороших отношений. Необходимо уважать неприкосновенность и традиционную свободу прессы, которая определяет ее значимость, однако все это не мешает искать сотрудничества с прессой для дальнейшего решения проблем паблик рилейшнз.

Unit Six


1. What do you know about the history of advertising? According to your opinion, who is the beginner of it – the man or the woman? Before answering these questions read a small article about it…
Match the words having the opposite meaning -

Not everybody knows that advertising appeared many many centuries ago. Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters. Commercial messages and political campaign displays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Arabia. Lost and found advertising on papyrus was common in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Wall or rock painting for commercial advertising is another manifestation of an ancient advertising form, which is present to this day in many parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. The tradition of wall painting can be traced back to Indian rock art paintings that date back to 4000 BCE. History tells us that Out-of-Home advertising and Billboards are the oldest forms of advertising. Look at the picture (1). This old advertisement was found in Japan. Women didn’t have rights and that’s why the man is shown on the ads poster. So, we can come to conclusion that the MAN is the beginner of advertising.

Match the words having the opposite meaning - Match the words having the opposite meaning -

2. Now try to give the definition to the termadvertisement.

3. What words connected with the termadvertising do you know? “Put”

them into your case:

Match the words having the opposite meaning -

4. Read the new words and add them to your dictionary:

to annoy раздражать
commercial реклама на телевидении
to broadcast транслировать
immense огромный
to absorb поглощать
vast sum огромная сумма
community общественность
to influence smth влиять (на)
to purchase покупать
to persuade убеждать
household devices бытовые приборы
building materials строительные материалы
electronic equipment электронное оборудование
cosmetics [koz ´metiks] косметика

5. Fill in with the missed letters:eq……nt, to pe….de, ho..….d de…es, to

br..…st, co…..ty, co……al, co…..cs, im…e, v..t

6. Match the words with their synonyms:

immense toconvince
to absorb home appliances
to annoy to transmit
to persuade society
building materials to irritate
household devices construction supplies
to influence advertisement
to purchase huge
cosmetics to buy
to broadcast to affect
commercial make-up
community to swallow up

7. Read and translate the text:

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