Ex. 1. Match the words with their definitions from the text

_____ boss a. people to whom bosses can give instructions
_____ subordinate b. a hierarchy in which people report to more than one superior
_____ functional structure c. a division which has its own engineering, production and sales departments
_____ operating division d. temporarygroups or teams that are responsible for an entire project
_____ matrix management f. a superior to whom other people report
_____ autonomous group g. a structure when one department can’t take the decision without consulting the other one.

Ex. 2. Find English equivalents to the following words and word-combinations.

1. люди, занимающие самое высокое положение в организации _____________________

2. выполнять функции ________________________________________________________

3. отдел кадров _______________________________________________________________

4. производственная организация _______________________________________________

5. поощрять новаторство _______________________________________________________

6. принимать решения в области финансов ________________________________________

7. проблема взаимоотношений __________________________________________________

8. рыночный сегмент __________________________________________________________

9. отдел продаж _______________________________________________________________

10. иметь различные цели ______________________________________________________

11. менеджер по маркетингу ____________________________________________________

12. стимулировать новаторство _________________________________________________

13. подчиняться кому-либо _____________________________________________________

14. иметь дело непосредственно с кем-либо _______________________________________

15. возрастающее количество людей _____________________________________________

Ex. 3. Match a verb with the appropriate preposition and a word-combination to make a

Phrase. Translate them into Russian.

to be concerned to deal to run to report to carry to divide to pass to be responsible to depend   down with into on out for to the pyramids responsibility success an entire project a boss managers a leader operating divisions functions

Ex. 4. Match the words on the left with the words on the right.

staff marketing chain of temporary success manufacturing permanent hierarchical entire coal-mining range of line relational business organizations level battles authority position products group command problems structure department project


Ex. 5. Which of the following three paragraphs most accurately summarizes the text, and why?

First summary:

Although most organizations are hierarchical, with a number of levels, and a line of command running from the top to the bottom, hierarchies should be avoided because they make decision-making slow and difficult. A solution to this problem is matrix management, which allows people from the traditional functional departments of production, finance, marketing, sales, etc. to work together in teams. Another solution is decentralization: the separation of the organization into competing autonomous divisions.

Second summary:

Most business organizations have a hierarchy consisting of several levels and a clear line of command. There may also be staff positions that are not integrated into the hierarchy. The organization might also be divided into functional departments, such as production, finance, marketing, sales and personnel. Larger organizations are often further divided into autonomous divisions, each with its own functional sections. More recent organizational systems include management and teams, both of which combine people from different functions and keep decision-making at lower levels.

Third summary:

Most businesses are organized as hierarchies, with a clear chain of command: a boss who has subordinates, who in turn have their own subordinates, and so on. The hierarchy might be internally divided into functional departments. A company offering a large number of products or services might also be subdivided into autonomous divisions. Communication among divisions can be improved by the introduction of matrix management or teams.

Ex. 6. Match the sections below with their correct definition.

Warehousing Planning

Stock control Recruitment

Credit control Distribution

Research & Development (R&D) Wages & Salaries (Payroll)

Purchasing Plant Maintenance

Office Services Market Research

Sales Promotions Quality control

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