Match the questions with the answers. Match the words with their definitions. Solenoid valve a is used to convert the rotary motion of the turbine to electrical energy and

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Match the words with their definitions.

solenoid valve a is used to convert the rotary motion of the turbine to electrical energy and its output is supplied to the main switchboard of the ship
down comer tubes b chamber within an engine in which ignition of fuel takes place
combustion chamber c generates drinking water from sea water
alternator d are used to circulate water between the drums
fresh water generator e a valve for use with liquid or gas, which is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid coil

1___, 2___, 3___, 4___, 5___ 10/___

Underline the appropriate words.

1) In the compressor the refrigerant vapor is subjected to high/low/average pressure as it is compressed.

2) Cables with shaped-conductors and cores are usually smaller and heavier/easier/lightercables with circular cores.

3) Most of the marine compressors used are one/two/threestaged reciprocating compressors with inter-cooling and after-cooling.

4) Cables should be laid away/close/parallelfrom the hot surface.

5) The shaft-driven machine can be of a low/large/lesscapacity to take the full at sea electrical load.

6) To avoid electromagnetic noise caused by circulating currents, the conductive shield and cable armor is to be grounded only within/at two ends/at one endof the cable.

7) A ship consists of a power plant system which makes/conducts/generatesenough power for the propulsion plant machines, engine room and deck machines, and navigation equipment of the ship etc.

8) When alternators are of sufficient size and are operating at different frequencies and terminal voltages, severe damage may result if they are suddenly connected to each other through a different/common/various bus.

9) The super-heated vapor and below/above/under the pressure enters the condenser where the refrigerant condenses into its liquid state once again through the heat-exchange process.

10) The inert gas is produced by the combustion of fuel oil with air in a water-cooled combustion chamber, in which controlled/uncontrolled/unpredictable, complete combustion takes place.


Fill in the gaps with the words.

closed-loop conduct to cool down air heater insulating regulate

1) A ship’s _____________ cables form an integral part of the electrical system on board the ship.

2) The exhaust gas of the boiler is also put to use by making it pass over an_____________, which heats up the combustion air entering the furnace.

3) Air-cooled generators operate with _____________ cooling system.

4) The attemperator is a kind of cooler which is used _____________ the superheated steam to the right temperature.

5) While a thyristor can be turned on or off, it can also _____________ power using something called phase angle control.

6) When the silicon-controlled rectifier begins to conduct, and continues to_____________ until the voltage between the cathode and anode is reversed or reduced below a certain threshold value.



Choose the correct form of the verbs.

1) The electrician will repair/repairs/repair the crane tomorrow.

2) The watch keeper will identify/identified/identify the debris 10 minutes ago.

3) Volt/Converter/Emf is an electrical unit for measuring the external force applied to a circuit to overcome the opposition to the flow of current.

4) The wires was/were/areburnt by the fire yesterday.

5) All the maintenance was/were/aredone by the personnel yesterday.

6) Our Bosun always performs/performed/has performed his duties perfectly.

7) The chief officer has/have/willinformed the coastguard about the environmental problem.


Choose the proper word.

1) Electrode is a conductor during/across/through which electricity enters or leaves an object, substance, or region.

2) Control type synchros are used in applications that require the largest/large/larger torques.

3) Different makes of selsyns, used in interlock systems, have the most different/more different/ differentoutput voltages.

4) The zener diode runs between/under/among reverse bias and when a certain voltage is reached it breaks down.

5) Water-tube boilers have a steam drum at the top, which is partly filled with water and water drums at a lower/low/ the lowest level.

6) Receiving electricity from land-based networks should only be carried without/between/out through the ship’s switchboard Shore power.

7) The heat will flow in its natural direction that is from the warmest/warm/warmer material to the colder material.

8) Fire-tube boilers consist of a cylindrical steel shell, which contains a furnace at/below/throughthe bottom.

9) Passive electronic components cannot supply energy ourselves/themselves/yourselves.

10) Fuses are typically used for distribution applications and to the large/larger/large electrical devices such as motors, drives, etc.


Match the questions with the answers.

What is he doing now? a About 3 hours ago
Why do we have power failure problems? b Because of overheating of bearings
Why were the bearings in bad operation condition? c Because they haven’t proposed a good vessel
Why do you want to be a sailor? d He is having a rest
Why have you refused to be on board the vessel? e The biggest one
When did you reset reference voltage? f It’s interesting, risky and you can earn a lot of money
Which of these whales has trauma? g Because the container’s gauges and digital readouts are completely dead

1___, 2___, 3___, 4___, 5___, 6___, 7___ 7/___


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