Exercise 6. Match the columns. Find the right translation of the sentences. Give back translation from Ukrainian to English.

1. Certification according to the international standards has just begun to progress in Ukraine.   2. The diploma in “Processing, Standardization and Certification of Light Industry Products” gives the graduates the opportunity to work as an expert-auditor, a manager in goods quality, an engineer in standardization, an engineer-technologist, an engineer in Labour Safety.   3. These specialists work at flax-hemp plants, cotton mills, silk and skin primary processing and in institutions dealing with standardization and certification.   4 Holders of a Master's degree get the diploma in “Quality control, standardization and certification of Light Industry Products”.   5. In this way the University tries to link theoretical knowledge with its application and the students have some practical training at different enterprises and institutions to become good specialists in these fields. 1. Магістри отримують дипломи з «Контролю за якістю, стандартизації та сертифікації продуктів легкої промисловості».   2. Таким чином, університет намагається зв’язати теоретичні знання з практичним застосуванням, і студенти проходять практику на різних підприємництва та установа, щоб стати гарними спеціалістами у своїй галузі.   3. Сертифікація згідно до національних стандартів тільки почала розвиватись в Україні.   4. Ці спеціалісти працюють на заводах по обробці льону, бавовняних фабриках, первинній обробці шовку та шкіри та установах, які мають справу з стандартизацією та сертифікацією.   5. Диплом з Обробки, стандартизації та сертифікації продукції легкої промисловості дає можливість випускникам працювати як експерти-аудитори, менеджери з якості товарів, інженери по стандартизації, інженери-технологи, інженери з охорони праці.

Exercise 7. Complete the sentences. Use word-combinations given below. Translate the sentences.

1) Nowadays processing standardization and ……. have a great perspective of development.

2) Specialists in analysis, international standards, ….. and certification of consumer properties of raw materials are in great demand.

3) They control the quality of raw materials, their …, … and realization.

4) Specialists in …… work as head experts in storage and realization of raw materials.

5) ….. have entire departments of highly trained specialists to design and implement their quality assurance programs.

6) Such companies cannot rely on …… or the standardization inherent in mass production to take care of quality control.

- ecological control, a staff of trained experts, “ Storage and realization of raw materials”, certification of light industry products, stocking, processing, multinational corporations.

Exercise 8. Answer the following questions:

1) What is your speciality?

2) What is standardization?

3) Do you know what diplomas you can obtain after graduating from the University? Name them.

4) What subjects do the students study to become good specialists? Give examples.

5) What is the main purpose of the managing quality control?

6) For whom is quality control essential?

7) How does the University prepare good specialists?

III. Speaking.

Exercise 9. Describe the diplomas received by the students of your speciality.

1) The diploma in “Processing, Standardization and Certification of Light Industry Products”;

2) The diploma in “Quality control, standardization and certification of Light Industry Products”.

Exercise 10. Prove that your speciality is important and necessary. Use the following expressions:“ It is important to say…”; “ It should be noted…”; “ Summing it up…”; etc.

Exercise 11. Make up a plan to the text. Retell the text using your plan.

Exercise 12. Role-play. Imagine that you are a reporter who wants to make an interview with a lecturer from the department of Certification and standardization of natural fibers. Ask him about diplomas and places of work for graduates. Determine the importance of their speciality. Work in pairs.

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