How to change the system of outlook in the society?

- for this purpose it is necessary the political decision of the head of the state to change the concept of progress and a condition of a society from economic criteria on evolutionary. That is, to recognize and approve by law, that only perfection of relationships between people and their world around really lifts the person on the highest step of evolution, make it Human. (« Now when we have learned to fly in the sky like birds and to float under water like fishes, we need only to learn to live on the Earth like Humans »)

Perfection of relationships between people is the main task of the leaders of the states leaning on common sense and a science, especially – proclaimers, that they trust in the God. Time for demagogies has passed. Time for the practical actions has come, where objective is improvement of relationships between people – improvement of a public organism. To change a state of affairs, it is necessary to accept the concept of progress of relationships instead of the concept of consumption and according to this concept to build ideology, a policy, legislative base, educational system, - especially in mass-media.

First of all, it has to be admitted, that mass-media is not just "industry of entertainment", but educational system shaping system of vital values in minds of nation. At schools and high schools children are given the isolated theoretical knowledge, and the TV explains them how to apply this knowledge in a life, explains, what is the value of life.

Subconsciously or consciously people copy models of behaviour which are duplicated through films, newspapers, magazines, TV. Education is a creation in consciousness of an image as it is necessary to act in this or that situation. The mass-media render the greatest influence on consciousness and formation of vital values.

In the concept of an economic priority of mass media existing nowadays we are guided not by well-being of a society, but by commercial benefit. This is the same as if schools would be ruled not by interests of the state, but out of the benefit. Without doubt, that all lessons for the good price would be bought up by a drug mafia, and children would pass examinations on culture of the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

The most effective education systems are those where knowledge, values of a life are passed in a form of the game, in a fascinating form. At School-liceum of Academician Schetinin, children learn course of ten years for 2,5 years – because lessons are spent there in a game form. As well mass-media in the form of a game duplicate the certain norms and rules, values of a life by means of books, songs and films, TV-transfers, pop -stars, videoclips, news lines. All of them create the certain images and stereotypes of behaviour in a society, being, thus, the most important educational system of the modern world.

According to Stanislavsky, a mission of the theatre is to teach, entertaining. That is, in the entertaining form to help person to rise in his outlook and behaviour on a step above. Today even by assessments of directors, 90 % of the Moscow performances do not learn any more to the good, and sow debauch, vulgarity, platitude, cynicism – what is steps downwards, instead of upwards. In area of cinema and TV – is even worse. Focused not on well-being of a society, but on the personal benefit - money which they will receive for propagation of alcohol and the negative ratings (favourable not to our society), heads of many TV channels, founders of films conduct a society to degradation of customs.

Someone of them intentionally, and someone – for money, owing to the perversity, taking a great interest in process and forgetting about objective, they pervert consciousness of people though speak that they show a life as it is such without extra embellishment. Perhaps, it is perceived by them so perverted in their perverted consciousness. In a reality they show a life on a step or a little below – inviting us to make a step there, « to live as all » - as all heroes of their shows, films. « A vacation in Mexico » - TV – show in which all girls are learnt, that for a vacation it is necessary to oversleep at least with six different boys – then a vacation will be successful. What is this – an average reality? Or reality we are imposed? Or «Home 2»?« Букины », - a serial where teenagers and children a learnt "normal" family relation? Is that a norm? The Actual life? No, there is shown the life of moral ugly creatures. Protagonists now in films are killers, – people, for whom value of a life of others, relationships with them are equal to zero. The main thing for them are money. Similar films are extraordinary dangerous.

Instead of showing on many channels a life of morons, moral ugly creatures, clowns from “Comedy Club”, who for the sake of ratings and money ready to mock at everything naming it « a normal, actual life », - instead of that it is necessary to show something that induces people to make a step upwards, instead of a step downwards.

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