U.1. Be

1. Quick, hide me, the police are _____ me. for, after, on

2. Father was _____ his daughter marrying so young. for, with, against

3. So many children are _____ this week with colds. away, off, in

4. Jane was ___ ___ cold last week and didn't come to work . down with, off wit

5. Phone him at the office, he should be now. in, at, out

6. We must try to be _____ by 8 o'clock (to leave). out, off, back

7. What time do you have to be _____ tomorrow? out, up, off

8. Our party is ­­­­­ _____ keeping old methods. for, after, with

9. The fire was _____before the firemen arrived. 0ut,off, away

10. Jane was _____ school all last week with her cold. Out, away, off


1.John broke _____ and wept when he saw the deer out, down, up

that he had shot.

2.The old cars were broken ___ for their metal and parts. Down, off, up

3. Jim broke ___ telling the st0ry to answer the phone. Out, off, away

4. Relations between the two parties broke ___ last year. Down, up, off

5. Fire broke ___ in the hospital last night. Out, off, down

6. Three men broke ___ from prison yesterday. Through, out, down

7. When doe4s your school break ___? Down, off, up

8. It was money trouble that broke ___ their marriage. Up, down, through

9. Burglars broke ___ the house and stole the money. In, down, off

10. He broke ___ the conversation to remind us it was

getting late. Through, into, down


1. Major changes will have to be brought ___ in our

Industry. About, in, down

2.The smell of these flowers brings ___ a lot of memories. Down, in, back

3.In American football, you have to try to bring ___ your

opponent. Back, down, in

4. Shopkeepers were asked to bring ___ their prices. Back, off, down

5. The sale brought ___ over $ 250. (to create profit) down, in, back

6. The influence of the Far East brought ___ many new

fashions. In, down, back

7. Tom brought ___ a new book last year (to publish) out, up, in

8. Jane was brought ___ by her uncle after her parents'

death. Back, up, off

9. Difficulties can bring ___ a person's best qualities. Up, out, down

10. Bring the broken edges of the plate ___ exactly where

they were and then glue them carefully. Up, to, together


1. It was some time before he came ___ after being

knocked out. Up, on, round

2. It's no use trying to keep it secret, it is to come ___

in the end. Over, off, out

3. The question of salary increase came ___ at the last meeting. In, up, on

4. Those rust marks will come ___ if you rub them with lemon. On, up, off

5. She came ___ to me and said that she had a message for me.. up, up to, to

6. When Sally's uncle died, she came ___ a small fortune. In, to, into

7. Wait before prices come ___ before you buy it. Up, down, on

8. Come ___. It's too cold to wait here any longer. At, up. In

9. I'm at home all day. Come ___ whenever you have time. At, into, over

10. He eventually managed to come ___ a solution. Up, to, up with

11. I came ___ an old photo album while tidying up. On, at, across

12. The details of the corruption scandal eventually came ___ . on, out, off

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