English vowels


Lesson Three

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There are six vowel letters in the English alphabet: a, e, i, o, u, y. Vowel letters, alone or in combinations, represent from 15 to 22 vowel sounds, depending on the way of counting. All vowel sounds together are called the vowel system.

Vowels are speech sounds produced without obstructing the flow of air from the lungs, so that the breath stream passes freely through the mouth. Vowels are always voiced (i.e., the vocal cords vibrate). Syllables are formed by vowels. The English vowel phonemes fall into: MONOPHTHONGS,DIPHTHONGSand TRIPHTHONGS.


Lips loosely spread. Tongue lax with less tension than / i: / English vowels - student2.ru Pit  
Lips loosely spread and slighly wider apart than / ɪ / English vowels - student2.ru Pet  
Lips neutrally open and slightly wider apart than / e / English vowels - student2.ru Pat  
Open lip-rounding, wide open jaws, back of tongue low. English vowels - student2.ru Pot  
Lips neutrally open. Open jaws. Centralized quality. English vowels - student2.ru Luck  
Lips loose, but closely rounded. Tongue not as tense as in / u: / English vowels - student2.ru Good  
Lips in neutral position. Centralized. Tongue slightly higher than in /ʌ/ English vowels - student2.ru Ago  
Lips spread. Tongue tense (front raised) with sides touching upper molars. English vowels - student2.ru Meat  
Lips neutrally open and jaws far apart. Centre to back of tongue fully open. English vowels - student2.ru Car  
Medium lip rounding. Tongue drawn back making no contact with upper molars. English vowels - student2.ru Door  
Lips neutrally spread. Tongue slightly higher than /ə/ (no firm contact with upper molars) English vowels - student2.ru Girl  
Lips closely rounded. Back of tongue high. Tense compared with /ʊ/ English vowels - student2.ru Too  
Note: schwa [ʃwɑː] лингв.нейтральный гласный [ə]

[ʌ]- caret

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