Professions (word formation)


-ar (beggar); -er (farmer); -or (doctor); -ess (actress);В -ist (therapist);В -cian (beautician); -eer (engineer)


-man (mailman); -woman (policewoman); -maker (dressmaker); -player (chess-player); -worker ( iron-worker); -smith (blacksmith- кузнец) ; -wright (wheelwright-колесныймастер)

It is very important to choose the right occupation in life. First, we must consider our personal taste and out kind of mind. For those who have a practical kind of mind it is better to choose the profession of an engineer or a technician. For those who love children it is better to become a teacher or children’s doctor. Those who love nature may choose the profession of an agronomist or zoo-technician and work in agriculture.


Job What do they do? Where do they work?
Accountants Look after the finances in an organisation In an office
Bakers Bake bread In a bakery
Barbers Shave men’s beards and cut men’s hair In a barbershop
Barman/barwoman Serve drinks In a bar, pub or restaurant
Butchers Prepare and sell meat In a butcher shop
Chambermaids Clean and tidy rooms In a hotel
Chefs Prepare and cook food In a restaurant kitchen
Dentists Look after people’s teeth In a dental office
Doctors Look after people’s health In a hospital or surgery
Fishmongers Prepare and sell fish In a fishmonger’s
Flight attendants Look after passengers In an airplane
Hairdressers Cut and style people’s hair In a hair salon or beauty shop
Judges Judge and sentence people In a law court
Lawyers Defend and prosecute people In a law court and in a law office
Nurses Look after patients In a hospital or doctor’s surgery
Opticians Look after people’s eye sight In an eye sight optician’s
Porters Carry other people’s bags and luggage In a hotel or train station
Receptionists Meet and greet visitors In reception at a hotel
Sales assistants Sell goods and look after customers In a shop
Secretaries Arrange appointments, type letters and organize meetings In an office
Surgeons Operate on people who are sick In a hospital
Vets Look after people’s animals In a veterinary surgery or office
Waiters /Waitresses Serve people food and drink In a restaurant or cafГ©

Professions (word formation) -

Would you be happy in a job where you:

1. work mainly outdoors 2. work mainly indoors 3. work as a member of a team 4. work mainly on your own 5. have to use your own initiative 6. do the same things all the time 7. deal with the public 8. sell things from behind the counter   9. work with animals 10. work with children 11. work mainly with your hands 12. have to operate machinery or use instruments 13. have to lift heavy objects 14. sometimes get dirty 15. have to wear a uniform 16. work mainly in one place 17. have to work nights 18. have to start work very early 19. have to study at a college part time 20. have to travel a lot 21. deal with foreign tourists 22. deal with VIPs 23. sometimes overwork 24. have to be patient all the time 25. earn a lot of money

SomeВ most /leastВ important things when you are looking for a job:

1) top wages; opportunity to use your own ideas; further training; chance to help other people; opportunity to become well-known; to work indoor or outdoor (noise); no special qualification needed; regular working hours; flexible working hours; work in a team with friendly people; opportunity to become self-employed; a good salary; comfortable conditions; a chance of promotion;ВВ to work in a big organization or a small one; to speak any foreign languages; to work on your own or take responsibility; getting up early;

2) job satisfaction: excitement, interest, prestige, challenge,

3) salary and earnings: tips, income, commission, overtime pay

4) benefits: company car, private office, free travel, health insurance, to be promoted

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