Complete the sentences using suitable verbs from the box.


1 make, let and allow

Choose the correct answer (a, b or c).

Please _______ me go to the party. I promise I’ll be back by midnight.

a make b allow c let

1 Our teachers always _______ us go outside in the lunch break even when it was cold and raining. It was awful!

a made b let c allowed

2 Most children _______ too much television in my opinion.

a aren’t allowed to b are allowed to c allowed to

3 You never _______ me see Emma. It’s not fair.

a make b let c allow

4 We won’t _______ you go if you don’t want to.

a make b let c allow

5 I _______ drive my father’s car because it was very fast.

a was allowed to b allowed to c wasn’t allowed to


Reported speech and questions

Rewrite the sentences using reported speech or questions.

‘We’ll meet at 6 pm.’

They said they would meet at 6 pm.

1 ‘I’ve applied for another job.’

She said _____________________________________________ .

2 ‘Send me an email to confirm the arrangement.’

He told _____________________________________________ .

3 ‘When does the meeting start?’

I asked _____________________________________________ .

4 ‘Are we going to get a pay rise?’

They asked _____________________________________________ .

5 ‘How long has Jana been working for you?’

Marek asked _____________________________________________ .


3 Past obligation / permission

Complete the sentences with a suitable modal verb.

My parents _______ pay for my education because they sent me to a private school.

My parents had to pay for my education because they sent me to a private school.

1 We _______ stay up late when we were young because our parents were very strict.

2 _______ you _______ wear a uniform when you were at school?

3 I _______ do my homework straight after school and then I could relax.

4 I was lucky. I _______ share my toys with anyone as I was an only child.

5 My brother _______ always go out with friends when he wanted to but I was never allowed to.



4 adjectives with –ing / –ed

Choose the correct answer in italics.

I was so annoyed / annoying that I walked out of the meeting to calm down.

1 Jack looks so relaxed / relaxing now that he has retired.

2 What a frightened / frightening experience that was.

3 Dealing with difficult people makes me feel exhausted / exhausting.

4 Lucy is quite depressed / depressing when she starts complaining about everyone at work.

5 I know I had a bored / boring look on my face but I couldn’t help it.


Job requirements

Complete the sentences with the correct words.

You need to be good at d _ _ _ _ _ _ with people.

You need to be good at dealing with people.

1 I don’t have any f _ _ _ _ _ qualifications but I do have a lot of relevant experience.

2 We need someone who’s good at s _ _ _ _ _ _ problems.

3 Do you have good communication s _ _ _ _ _?

4 The job involves controlling b _ _ _ _ _ _ and looking after the finances of the company.

5 P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is very important when you have a long list of things to do as you need to do the most urgent things first.


UK vs. US English

Replace the underlined words with their UK / US equivalent.

How often is your mail delivered? post

1 We’re renting a lovely old flat in the city centre.

2 Could you please tell me where the toilet is?

3 We’re going to Canada for our next vacation.

4 Could we have the check please? We’d like to pay for our meal.

5 We need to get some more petrol as the car’s almost empty.



Intonation for pausing

Listen and mark the pauses. Divide each sentence into three sections.

We’ll allow the chefs to choose the dishes / and the menu will be very big, / with something for everybody.

1 To sum up, we’ll arrange for the goods to be delivered as soon as you pay the invoice.

2 We won’t have another meeting this week unless you feel it’s absolutely necessary in which case we will.

3 All in all, I must say that I’m very pleased with your progress, especially in English and Maths.

4 Unfortunately, there will be no pay rises this year, or indeed until the situation improves.

5 Finally, I'm pleased to announce that the new contract has been signed.


UK and US English

Listen to the words and choose UK or US pronunciation.

butter UK / US

1 bath UK / US

2 new UK / US

3 letter UK / US

4 tune UK / US

5 caught UK / US

6 dual UK / US

7 twenty UK / US

8 father UK / US

9 laugh UK / US

10 saw UK / US


How to …

Ask for clarification and deal with difficult questions

Complete the sentences using suitable verbs from the box.

get follow know say tell think

What I’d like to know is how you deal with difficult customers.

1 I didn’t quite _______ what you said about the new overtime rules.

2 Would it be correct to _______ you agree with what has just been decided?

3 I’ll have to _______ back to you on that. Let me call you tomorrow.

4 Well, let me _______ about what you’ve suggested.

5 Could you _______ me a bit more about your plans for the office?



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