Application Form for EVS project

Please use English or Polish language to fill in.

Project’s identification

Number of the EI   2013-PL-141
Name of the EI  
Personal Information
Family Name Vlasiuk
Given Name(s) Tanya
Address Ukraine, Rivne, Pavlyuchenko Street 16 / 163 Number -
Postal Code Town Rivne
Country Ukraine Fax -
Phone - e-mail
Mobile +38 068 426 49 82 Place of Birth Ukraine, Rivne
Date of birth 22.01.1996 Gender (F/M) Women
Nationality Ukrainian Passport no МЮ295502
What languages do you speak?
Languages Basics Enough Good Mother Tongue
Ukrainian       +
Russian     +  
English   +    
What is your highest diploma? Junior Specialist, specialty "Law"
Do you work, study… (specify, please)? Study. I'm a final year of college, specialty "Law"
Did you follow courses next to school? (if yes, please specify) -
Do you smoke? No
Are you a vegetarian? No
Do you have allergies? No
If yes, please specify:  
Any special medical or dietary needs? No
If yes, please specify:  
Any other useful information? -

1.What is your motivation to do the European Voluntary Service project (EVS)?

The European Voluntary Service project for me is:

-Getting experience of international cooperation, assistance to people in the case in which I can be useful. I like to help people and even more children, they give me energy, inspiration, new ideas and emotions. As a result, I work inspiring, productive. I like to work so to see the results and benefits of my efforts.

-The development of self self-realization, a change of scenery after graduation.

After years of study at school and at the college I want to apply theory to practice, communicate and work with people who are located in excellent environment from mine.

-Acquaintance the culture of Poland. Poland attracts me as the a highly developed country with interesting culture and socially active people. I want to get acquainted with the lifestyle culture problems solutions and become part of society for some time, to acquaint the Poles with Ukrainian culture.

-Improving language skills. I admire learning English, and I think this project is a good opportunity to practice of alive communication. I also want to start to learn Polish.

2.Why did you choose exactly this project?

I chose this project because I share his goals and motivation.

I want to bring my aid to these children, make their lives richer brighter, funner. This kind of activity is right for me. I can organize free time for children. It could be dancing, energizer, games, lessons handmade, creative competitions, concerts, walks.I know how to take care of children, look after them.

I think I will be useful in this project and can show itself.

3.What do you expect to gain from the project during the stay in Poland?

I expect that work with children will be interesting for me, I get unforgettable impressions emotions experience and meet new people, discover a new ability in himself and implement them.

4.What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

I’m very enthusiastic by nature and I like doing different activities. For example, I like sport games, I like experimenting with cooking, I like visiting different educational activities etc.

However, I should say, I have several serious hobbies.

First is a dance. And it is passion of my life. I’m a good dancer and I have already won several prizes of dance competition. I have been attending dance club in my town for 13 years. When I dance, I'm feel really happy.

My second hobby is handmade. I like make my hands toys, decorations, details of clothing, home decor.

Another of my hobby is travelling. In my childhood my family often had a rest at the sea-side and visiting other city of Ukraine. I started to travel alone by hitchhiking 1 year ago . It is wonderful and a lot more interesting than travel tours. The next year, when I graduate, we are going to have a trip to Georgia.

Recently I have been learning. After I had dreams of traveling, I have this hobby . I understand it is necessary useful and enough interesting for me . I have been learning English for five months. At the moment I am speaking fluently, but I think I have a huge progress and motivation to continue.

I suppose I will have a lot more hobbies in future and I will be also happy to share my experience.

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