B) 13 stripes and 50 stars

c) 15 stripes and 50 stars

d) 10 stripes and 55 stars

44. The most interesting and important ethnic minorities in the USA are …

a) Mexicans

b) Chinese

C) Indians and Black Americans

d) Frenchmen

45. Who is generally recognized as the discoverer of America?

a) Panfilo Narvaes

B) Christopher Columbus

c) Giovanni da Verrazano

d) King Charles II

46. The Statue of Liberty is …

a) in Washington, D.C.

b) in Chicago

c) in Boston

D) in New York

47. Who was the first president of the USA?

a) Benjamin Franklin

b) Abraham Lincoln

C) George Washington

d) Gerald Ford

48. The national symbol of the USA is …

A) the bald eagle

b) the black cat

c) the red rose

d) the American football

49. Americans celebrate Independence Day on …

a) November, 5

b) May, 1

C) July, 4

d) December, 25

50. One of the important events preceding the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1773 was …

A) the Boston Tea Party

b) the erection of the Statue of Liberty

c) the construction of the Mount Rushmore Memorial

d) the President’s elections

51. The Constitution of the USA was adopted after …

a) World War I

b) World War II

C) the War of Independence

d) the Civil War

52. US Congress consists of …

a) the House of Lords and the House of Commons

b) the Cabinet of Ministers and the Shadow Cabinet

c) the Speaker and the Lord Chancellor

D) the Senate and the House of Representatives

53. The nickname for the American government is …

a) Uncle John

B) Uncle Sam

c) Uncle Nick

d) Uncle George

54. All American citizens have a right to vote when they are …

A) 18 and over

b) 17

c) 16

d) 14

55. In the USA laws are made in …

a) the White House

b) the Lincoln Memorial

C) the Capitol

d) the Smithsonian Institution

56. The residence of the American presidents is …

a) the Capitol

B) the White House

c) the Pentagon

d) Rock Creek Park

57. The Capitol is the seat of …

a) the American President

b) the Queen

C) the US Congress

d) the Parliament

58. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in …

a) October

b) May

c) April

D) November

59. Christmas Day is celebrated on …

A) December 25

b) May 1

c) February 22

d) January 1

60. NBC, CBS and ABC are …

a) US government agencies

b) US medical groups

C) US television stations

b) US baseball teams

61. In the USA there are no TV advertisements for …

A) cigarettes

b) toys

c) shampoo

d) films

62. In America education is compulsory for every child from the age of …

a) 5

B) 6

c) 7

d) 8

63. The majority of American children attend …

a) private elementary schools

b) private secondary schools

C) state-supported public schools

d) high schools

64. An American student in the first year of study is called …

A) a freshman

b) a sophomore

c) a junior

d) a senior

65. All higher educational establishments in the USA …

a) are free of charge

B) charge fees

c) are directly controlled by the federal government

d) are in Washington, D.C.

66. What university is the oldest in America?

a) Yale University

b) Cornel University

C) Harvard University

d) Chicago University

67. A professor teaches in an American …

a) high school

b) junior high school

c) senior high school

D) college or university

68. The “national pastime” in America is …

A) baseball

b) soccer

c) volleyball

d) rugby

69. In the USA football is the most popular sport in …

a) summer

b) winter

C) autumn

d) spring

70. Most movies in the USA are made in …

a) San Francisco

b) Chicago

C) Hollywood

d) New York

71. The paper money in the USA is …

A) the dollar

b) the pound

c) the penny

d) the rouble

72. Newsweek and Time are the names of American …

a) newspapers

b) TV programs

C) magazines

d) fast-food restaurants

73. Elvis Presley was the king of ….

a) country music

b) jazz

c) pop music

D) rock and roll

74. Disneyland is in …

a) Washington

B) California

c) Alabama

d) Pennsylvania

75. The real name of Mark Twain was …

a) John Marshall

B) Samuel Clemens

c) Tom Sawyer

d) Walt Whitman

77. The capital of Australia is …

A) Canberra

b) Sydney

c) Melbourne

d) Perth

78. The official language of Australia is …

a) German

b) French

C) English

d) Italian

79. The population of Australia is …

A) 21 million

b) 10 million

c) 13 million

d) 5 million

80. The national colours of Australians are …

a) red and blue

b) white and black

c) white and red

D) green and gold

81. Who discovered Australia?

a) Christopher Columbus

b) Leif Ericson

c) Panfilo Narvaez

D) Captain James Cook

82. What animals can be seen on Australia’s coat of arms?

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