Circle the correct answer. 1. Fridges and frozen foods

The story is about…

1. fridges and frozen foods.

2. how to freeze meat.

3. how frozen foods began.

4. the fishermen of America.

5. the popular Mr. Birdseye.


Draw lines to join the matching words and phrases.

a. fishermen a place to keep food cold

b. fridge took money for

c. sold people who catch fish

d. however but

Complete the sentences using the words in the box.

However watch Company fresh freeze vegetables fridges later another

a. Mr. Birdseye watched the fishermen_______________ fish.

b. He wanted to keep food_______________.

c. The Birds Eye_______________ makes frozen foods.

d. Many people in America in the 1930s did not have_______________.

e. Eat your_______________. They are good for you.

f. I'm hungry. May I have_______________ piece of fish?

g. I can't talk to you now. I'm busy. I'll talk to you_______________.

h. I like to_______________ TV in the evening.

i. Fish goes bad quickly_______________ if we freeze it, it will stay fresh for a long time.

Choose and write the correct word.

a. It is very_______________ at the bottom of the sea. cold/frozen

b. You will_______________ if you don't put some clothes on! catch/freeze

c. She is a very_______________ girl with many friends. popular/cold

d. If you want to_______________ your jewels safe, put them in a bank. keep/send

Looking for detail

Answer these questions about the passage.

a. What did Mr. Birdseye see the fishermen in Canada do with the fish that they caught?

b. What did Mr. Birdseye freeze first in his company?

c. Do you think that Mr. Birsdeye did the right thing when he sold his part of the first business and started a new one on his own?

d. Why didn't frozen foods sell well at first?

e. What happened to the price of frozen foods when they became popular?

f. What did The Birds Eye Company not sell before 1933?

g. What does 'It' refer to in line 20?

h. Explain why people first think of Birds Eye when they think about frozen foods.

i. What kinds of food did the Birds Eye Company freeze?

Complete these sentences. Your answers must come from the story.

a. When Clarence Birdseye first saw frozen fish he was in______________________________

b. He noticed that frozen fish stayed fresh for______________________________

c. He knew that he could freeze vegetables and______________________________

d. At first his frozen food business did not______________________________

e. Nowadays The Birds Eye Company is not the______________________________

Picture comprehension

Make a tick under the picture showing what Clarence Birdseye saw in the coldest part of Canada. Say why you think this is correct.

Circle the correct answer. 1. Fridges and frozen foods -

Organizing ideas

Put these sentences into the correct order by writing the numbers 1-6 next to each letter.

a. ___ Mr. Birdseye started his own freezing company called The Birds Eye Company.

b. ___ It made all kinds of foods but they did not sell well at first because people did not have fridges.

c. ___ One day Mr. Clarence Birdseye saw some fishermen catching fish in the coldest part of Canada.

d. ___ The air froze these fish and people ate them months later.

e. ___ Today The Birds Eye Company is one of the popular makers of frozen foods.

f. ___ Later the price came down and there were hundreds of shops selling frozen foods.


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