Problem-based task (webquest)

Problem-based task (webquest) - Famous Women – Scientists and Inventors


The university newsletter is publishing a special edition showcasing the contributions of women scientists. You have been assigned the task of producing an article on a female scientist and you have carte blanche on who she might be. Your team (the photographer and the reporter) is responsible for getting the article of no more than a page to the newsletter editor. Your class has been assigned the role of editorial team and is responsible for putting out the entire newsletter.

The Task

  • At the end of the project you should have a newsletter article of the specific female scientist you chose.
  • Use any word-processing program and find a newsletter layout template to do your article.
  • It should contain pictures of the person and/or pictures of co-workers and/or pictures of her contributions to science. Remember you have limited space.
  • Also provide information on her early life and personal information.
  • The editorial team is responsible for collating the articles and getting out the newsletter in its final form.

Lorna Holtman

Problem-based task (webquest) - You might want to consult some of the following web sites:

· 4000 years of Women in Science

· Women of the Marine Biology Laboratory in MA

· Women Physicists

· Women Biologists

· Women Mathematicians

· Women in Science, Math and Elsewhere

  • Quick Newspaper-style columns

You may find the information about these famous women scientists – Sofia Kovalevskaya, Josephine Cochrane and others from:

Resources recommended:


  • First you have to choose a partner and choose / define your roles.
  • Next, you will choose a woman scientist and to avoid replication, make her name known to the class by posting it on the bulletin board.
  • Using the web sites listed above (or do a search of your own)to search for information on your scientist. Be sure to save some images to a folder on your disk to include in your report.
  • Include the following information in your report:
  • Date and place of birth, Early life, Education, Work Experience, Scientific Discovery, The significance of her discovery, How her discovery affects our daily life, Her later or current life.
  • Make sure your final report is typed in the newspaper layout format and that you include relevant images.


Your report will be evaluated as follows:

  • All group members participate in the research and presentation.
  • Article includes relevant information and images.
  • Information is concise and article is informative.
  • Grammar and spelling are correct.

· Provides a complete article with the layout as it will appear in the school newsletter.

Give score of 1-5 for each category: 5=outstanding, 1=poor


Preparing this project you have learned that different kinds of people (race, age, nationality) have contributed to science. So if you study well and take part in the work of the students’ scientific society, make reports about your research work at the students’ scientific conferences, you have an opportunity to start your career in science from the very beginning of your study at the university and to make your future plans right now.

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