Imitation Skills Development


1. Oh, no, don’t go home alone.

2. Nobody knows how lonely the road is.

3. He only spoke very slowly.

4. Soams never boasts of what he knows,

5. But Rose never knows of what she boasts.

6. As you sow you will mow.

7. Little strokes fell great oaks.

8. The North wind does blow.

9. Joe; you know Joe; suppose you know Joe; don’t suppose you know Joe; don’t suppose you know Joe Jones; I don’t suppose you know Joe Jones.

10. Joan is combing her golden hair. Joe has a noble Roman nose. Joe and Joan go for a stroll. Joe shows Joan his roses. Joan won’t go home alone so Joe goes home with Joan.

/əʊ/ - /ɔ:/

1. John has bought his adoring daughter Joan a motor boat with an outboard motor.

2. Gordon has a mobile phone, Soames boasts of his torn shorts.

Vowel No 2. / eɪ / - its nucleus is front, mid-open, mid, non-rounded, short, narrow; the glide is in the direction of / ɪ /.

1. get ready to articulate the sound / e /;

2. stress and prolong the nucleus, and shorten the glide - cut off the voice as soon

as you see the bulk of the tongue gliding upward to the / ɪ /-position.

Graphical rules

1) - a - in the open syllable; e.g. take, make, date.

2) digraphs - аі -, - ay ; e.g. main, plain, may, play.

3) digraphs - ei -, - ey ; e.g. vein, neighbour, grey.

4) - a- + - nge, - ste; e.g. range, haste.

Exercise 1

tail – tailor slay – slayer pray – prayer May Day

wait – waiter rain – rainy play – player brain drain

waive – waiver raid – raider spray – sprayer great date

strain – strainer sail – sailor slay – slayer they fail

Exercise 2

say – sail stay – stain grey – great rake – bake

day – drain tray – tail fey – faint wake – take

pay – pail play – plain fail – fate play – plate

way – wail may – main hail – hate day – date

Exercise 3

grey – grain – grave they – train – tale rein – rain – pane

may – main – made fey – faint – wave veil – vain – male

vein – vain – vane pay – paid – pane

Exercise 4

ˈSunday, ˈMonday, ˈTuesday, ˈWednesday, ˈThursday, ˈFriday, ˈSaturday.

Pale face, great day, grey rain, made a mistake, painted veil, famous tailor.

Imitation Skills Development


1. Let’s play the same game.

2. Save your points.

3. Take a place in the train to Wales.

4. No pains, no grains.

5. Haste makes waste.

6. To call a spade a spade.

7. They painted the table. They painted the table pale grey. They painted the table pale grey the other day. They painted the table pale grey the other day to save it from stains.

8. On grey rainy days James plays with trains and planes. Jane bakes eight

cakes. James takes a cake from Jane’s plate.

Vowel No 3. / aʊ / – its nucleus is front, open, broad, non-rounded, short; the glide is in the direction of /ʊ/.

1. get ready to articulate /aɪ/;

2. during the glide / ʊ / round the lips a little keeping them flat pressed against

the teeth;

8. prolong the nucleus and make the glide short.

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