Highlanders Krymchaks urban folk residents rural multinational population

2. Most o Ukraine’s population is __________. Ukraine has over 400 cities and 900 towns.

3. The largest city is the capital of Ukraine Kyiv. It has over 2.5 million ___________.

4. _________ population is the greatest in the Western Ukraine.

5. The ________ on both sides of the Carpathians is divided into three groups.

6. They are Lemkians, the Boikians, and the Hutsuls. They have distinctive _______ music and dances.

7. Hutsuls is an ethnographic group of Ukrainian ____________.

8. The __________ population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is over 2 000 000.

9. They are Russians, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Karaites, _______ Armenians and others.

3.Read the text, translate it, write down the new words into your vocabularies:


Every nation has its Diaspora. But if you take into account that there are only 37 million native Ukrainians living in Ukraine. Ukrainian peasants in the USA, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Australia uncomplainingly set themselves to the most difficult of jobs: growing grain, including for export. Their children having received a higher education, went on to build plants and factories. They whitewashed their homes with lime, planted flower gardens and finally, cooked varenyky-using local fruit of course. Now some of their children no longer know how to cook varenyky and only the most stubborn still know the Ukrainian language.

Some Ukrainians who settled in the west eventually achieved high public notoriety. However, Ukrainian economic immigration to Russia stands out in sharp contrast to another reason why so many Ukrainians left their homeland: forced immigration. Emigration has ukrainianised many regions of Siberia. Unfortunately, almost all Ukrainian immigrants in the former Soviet Union were branded as forced laborers. At the beginning of 20th century the far east was also tamed by mostly Ukrainian peasants, who like the Kuban’ Cossacks had been forced to resettle. During the Stalinist period, the technique o forced migration was improved upon with the unexpected evacuations of entire nations.

At the same time Ukrainians were being sent to Northern and Eastern Russia, Ethnic Russians were moving into Ukraine.

Today, we know that about 8 million ethnic Russians live in Ukraine. They all consider themselves native inhabitants of the country. Exactly how many Ukrainians live in Russia is still uknown-quotes of anywhere from 6 to 20 million have been heard. The statistical bland can be explained by years of repression during forced migration and the resulting aversion of Ukrainians to non-Russian identity for the sake of their own safety. However, in Siberia and Central Asia the Ukrainian Villages perseveres in its foreign environment: the whitewashed walls, the flower gardens and the Ukrainian dishes. Apparntly, this is the way the sturdiness of the Ukrainian spirit manifests itself.

4. Ask questions and compare:

Official name: Ukraine United Kingdom

Abbreviation:UA UK

Form of government:Republic with single legislative body Constitutional monarchy

(Supreme Council)

State system:Republic. It includes the Autonomous Parliamentary monarchy

republic of Crimea and 24 administrative


The Head of the State:President, who is elected for the period King or Queen

5 years but no more than two periods in

a row.

Capital:Kyiv London

Other centers:Kharkiv, Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgo


Area:603 700 sq km 244 820 sq km

Time Zone:GMT+ 3 hours GMT

Population:49 811 174 57 832 824

Projected population:48 308 739 58 135 972

Population density:82.5 per sq km 236.2 per sq km

Life expectancy:65.9 77.6

Infant mortality

(per 1000) : 21.7 5.8

Official language:Ukrainian English

Other languages:Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Chinese, Arabic,

Crimean Tatar Turkish, Greek, Spanish.

Literacy rate:98.8% 99%

Religions:Christian(Ukrainian Orthodox, Ukrainian Anglican 63%, Roman Catholic 14%,

Autocephalous Orthodox, Roman Catholic), Protestants 7%, Muslim 3%.

Small Protestant, Jewish and Muslim minorities.

Ethnic groups:Ukrainians 73%, Russian 22%, Jewish 1%, English 81.5%; Scottish 9.6%; Irish

Jewish 4%. 4.2%; Welsh 1.9%, others 2.8%.

Currency:Hryvna Pound sterling

Economy:Service 46%; industry 33%; agriculture 21% Service 78%; industry 20%;

agriculture 2%.

Climate:temperate, with cold winters and mild temperate, with cold winters and mild

Summers; warmer on Black Sea coast. Summers; warmer in the west.

Highest point:Hora Hoverla 2 061m Ben Nevis 1 343 m.

1. _________in Ukraine is less than in UK.

2. _________ in Ukraine ________ is higher than __________ in UK.

3. _________in Ukraine is practically the same as in the UK.

4. In Ukraine the number of employee in ______________ is higher than in the UK.

5. In Ukraine the number of employee in _______ is ______ times higher than in the UK.

6. In Ukraine the number of employee in _______ is _______times lower than in the UK.

5. Read the information about the main law in Ukraine, make a report about it, using the words given below:

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