Management or Supervisory Skills

Discuss one time when you felt you did good when supervising another person.

What are important factors for successful guidance of other persons?

Your team are overhauling a pump and when you have a round in ER you discover that they don’t know what they are doing. What do you do?

You have a young junior officer onboard. He is smart but not experienced. How do you deal with this?

How do you manage seafarers from different nationalities?

What factors do you think are necessary for good team performance?

Training and Coaching Skills (Officers only)

In command, how do you see your responsibility for training?

What do you think some of the challenges in training younger / older seafarers might be? How would you deal with these?

How would you motivate trainees?

What do you think makes a good trainer?

Leadership Skills (Officers only)

Explain one time you felt that you provided good training of another seafarer.

What are important factors for successful leadership?

Describe your leadership style.

Under what leadership style a subordinate develops best?

Give an example of a situation when a quick decision is preferable instead of discussing ‘how to do it’ before deciding.

Check if participated in special training programs like CRM, for example.

Can you explain the difference between accountability and responsibility?

What behaviours should a successful leader display?

What do you think is the difference between leadership and management?

What is the difference between a group of people and a team?

Is assertiveness important? In leaders? In team members? Why?

What do you think are the biggest challenges to successful leadership on board?

What are the consequences of a lack of good leadership?

Personal Qualities

What are you good at?

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

What do you enjoy most while at work?

Reason(s) for seafarer interest in V.Ships

Is this your first contract for VSN/V.Ships?

If yes, who recommended you to work for VSN/V.Ships?

What made you decide to join us?

What do you think about V.Ships benefits?

Do you prefer to work with same nationality crew?

For all recruits to and promotions to Master and Chief Engineer:

Safe prosecution of a voyage related to Job Description and specific responsibilities

Pls mention at least two factors to take into consideration when planning a voyage. (charts and UKC)

What is safe speed?

What is max allowed XTE?

What is min allowed distance to the nav danger?

What are the requirements for position fixing frequency?

Delegation and management of crew

Who is in charge during a ship to ship operation?

What is the chain of command during a STS transfer operation?

Describe how to effectively delegate a task.

What is the difference between ‘Master in Charge’ and ‘Master on the Bridge’?

Describe the onboard disciplinary process.

Describe the D&A Policy on your last vessel.

What are the benefits of delegation?

What are the risks of delegation?

What is the purpose of completing Appraisals of your officers?

What are the main difficulties when carrying out effective Performance Appraisals of your officers?

Reporting as per VMS and charterer requirements including defect and repair planning

Describe the basic structure of the VMS?

What is the Noon Position reporting requirement in ShipSure?

Check knowledge of special Charterers reporting requirements (Shell, Exxon, etc.)

Managing and monitoring attending inspectors and surveyors

How would you prepare for a vetting inspection?

Would you leave a Vetting Inspector to inspect the vessel alone? What is the reason?

Who should accompany a Vetting Inspector?

What are the powers of Port Sate Control inspectors?.

Maintaining housekeeping standards, effective routine inspection and repair routines

Please give an example for good housekeeping.

Why is a good inventory important and why?

Why is it important to undertake Master’s and CE’s weekly inspections and record keeping?

What is the importance of the Minimum Spare Part List requirements?

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