Come out

come out & comes out coming out came out come out

1. come out (of) p.v. When people or things leave a place, room, or house that you are not in, theycome out of it.

Susie's friend came to the door and asked her tocome out and play.

The police held their fire when they saw the gunmancoming out of the house with his hands in the air.

2. come out (of) p.v. When somethingcomes out of a certain place or area, it starts there.

This speaker must not be connected; no sound iscoming out.

The most wonderful aromacame out of the kitchen.

3. come out (to) p.v. When people leave a city andcome out to a place outside the city where you are, they travel to that place.

Would you like tocome out and visit our farm?

Ned loves it in the city; he hasn'tcome out to the suburbs in a long time.

4. come out (of) p.v. When things or people go through an experience or treatment, the condition they are left in by that experience or treatment or the result of that experience or treatment is how theycome out.

It was a tough game, but our teamcame out on top.

How did the investigationcome out?

I came out of that awful experience a wiser person.

5. come out (with) p.v. When a book, magazine, musical recording, movie, or television show is finished and made available to the public, itcomes out. When a book, magazine, musical recording, movie, or television show is finished and made available to the public, the company publishing it or the person who created it comes out with it.

The band's new CDcame out last month, and it's already number one on the charts.

Barren's iscoming out with a new book on TOEFL soon.

6. come out p.v. When information becomes known to the public, itcomes out.

Everyone was shocked when itcame out that the butler had murdered the duke.

What really happened when President Kennedy was assassinated may never come out.

7. come out (of) p.v. When dirt or a stain is removed by cleaning, itcomes out or comes out of what it is in.

Don't get grape juice on that white blouse — it'll nevercome out.

That paint mightcome out of the carpet if you try turpentine.

8. come out p.v. When flowers or leaves start to grow, theycome out.

We had a very warm winter, and the flowers startedcoming out in February.

Oak tree leaves alwayscome out later than the leaves of other trees.

9. come out p.v. When clouds move and the sun becomes visible, itcomes out.

The rain stopped, the suncame out, and there was a beautiful rainbow.

Wait till the suncomes out; you'll get a better picture.

10. come out (forIin favor ofIagainst) p.v. When people with authority and influence come out for orcome out in favor of people or things, they publicly announce support for them. When people with authority and influencecome out against people or things, they publicly announce opposition to them.

We were surprised when the mayorcame out for legalizing gambling.

The senator from North Carolinacame out against the tobacco legislation.

    present tense -ing form past tense past participle
empty out empty out & empties out emptying out emptied out emptied out

1. empty... out p.v. When you completely remove the contents of a space or container, youempty itout.

The police officer told me toempty out my pockets.

After weempty this roomout, we can start painting.

emptied out part.adj. After the contents of a container have been completely removed, the container isemptied out.

Now that the room isemptied out, we can start laying the carpet.

1. empty out p.v. When all the people in a place leave it, the placeempties out.

After the concert is over, it'll be twenty minutes before the auditoriumempties out.

There was trash everywhere after the stadiumemptied out.

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