Правильный английский эквивалент русского предложения (МТ-1)

905. Оказалось, что это лекарство обладает противоопухолевой активностью.

a) We know this medicine to have the antitumour activity.

b) This medicine is known to have the antitumour activity.

c) This medicine proved to have the antitumour activity.

906. Известно, что врачи назначают пенициллин для лечения инфекций.

a) We know that the doctor indicated penicillin for treatment of the infection.

b) Doctors are known to administer penicillin for treatment of the infections.

c) We expect the doctor to indicate penicillin for treatment of the infection.

907. По-видимому, это лекарство очень эффективно при заболеваниях лёгких.

a) This drug is very effective in lung diseases.

b) This drug appears to be very effective in lung diseases.

c) We know this drug to be very effective in lung diseases.

908. Вероятно, наши планы изменятся.

a) We shall change our plans.

b) Our plans are to be changed.

c) Our plans are likely to be changed

909. Кажется, она закончила эксперимент.

a) She is known to have finished the experiment.

b) She seems to finish the experiment.

c) She seems to have finished the experiment.

910. Предполагают, что эти эксперименты будут полезны для будущих фармацевтов.

a) These experiments will be useful for future pharmacists.

b) We expect these experiments to be useful for future pharmacists.

c) These experiments are expected to be useful for future pharmacists.

911. Известно, что некоторые врачи используют лазеры для лечения язв.

a) Some doctors use lasers to treat ulcers.

b) We know some doctors to use lasers for treating ulcers.

c) Some doctors are known to use lasers to treat ulcers.

912. Известно, что алкоголь очень отрицательно влияет на центральную

нервную систему.

a) We know alcohol to have a very negative influence on the central nervous system.

b) Alcohol is known to have a very negative influence on the central nervous system.

c) Doctors consider alcohol has a very negative influence on the central nervous system.

Последовательность слов в структуре английского предложения

С конструкцией «сложное подлежащее», эквивалентного русскому (МТ-2)

913. Известно, что это лекарство эффективно при некоторых заболеваниях сердца.

heart, effective, to, is, diseases, be, this, known, very, in, drug, some.

914. Несомненно, этот препарат найдёт широкое применение в лечении пневмонии

у младенцев.

in, sure, this, of, application, the, preparation, is, pneumonia, to, infants, find, wide, treatment, in.

Сложное предложение

Придаточные предложения времени и условия

Правильный перевод выделенного сказуемого в предложении (МТ-1)

915. The patient will be on a sick leave if he falls ill.

а) болеет b) заболеет с) болен

916. You will feel well after you take this medicine.

а) приняли b) принимаете с) примeте

917. If people don’t take care of the Earth it will die.

а) не заботятся b) не заботились с) не будут заботиться

918. As soon as the patient is admitted to the hospital the doctor will examine him.

a) поступит b) поступает c) поступил

919. Before the surgeon performs the operation he will have to observe the patient’s

condition for some days.

a) сделает b) сделал c) делает

Правильный вариант сказуемого в предложении (МТ-1)

920. If I _____ you after classes we shall meet at the library.

a) shall not see b) did not see c) do not see

921. We shall have a rest when the experiment _____.

a) will be finished b) is finished c) was finished

922. After you finish the test you _____ the results.

a) knows b) will know c) shall know

923. As soon as you _____ taking this medicine, your blood pressure will return to normal.

a) start b) started c) will start

924. The doctor _____ you the diagnosis when he has your X-ray and blood count.

a) will tell b) shall tell c) tell

925. If the increased respiratory rate _____ in this female she will have to be admitted to the clinic.

a) will persist b) persisted c) persists

926. As soon as the analysis of the stomach juice _____ the patient will be administered a proper diet.

a) was ready b) will be ready c) is ready

927. The treatment will be prolonged until a favourable response _____.

a) is produced b) was produced c) will be produced

Правильная форма глагола-сказуемого в предложении (MT-2)

928. When the academic year ### we shall work at the surgical department. (to be over)

929. The doctor will make a correct diagnosis when he ### you. (to examine)

930. If we ### the experiment now we shall finish it at five o’clock. (to begin)

931. If the white blood cell count ### the patient will require additional treatment. (to increase)

932. The development of cortical inhibition will begin after the experimental animal ### the proper drug. (to be given)

933. The infant will be fed artificially until the mother’s health ###. (to be restored)

Правильный английский эквивалент глагола-сказуемого в предложении (МТ-3)

934. As soon as the doctor makes a correct diagnosis he (назначит) you the necessary

treatment. ###

935. If I (буду чувствовать себя) bad I shall go to the polyclinic. ###

936. You won’t feel well until you (примете) this drug. ###

937. The patient won’t complain of any pain in his stomach if he (будет соблюдать)

a light diet. ###

938. If he (придёт) to me we shall study Anatomy. ###

939. Tomorrow I’ll be able to allow the patient to sit up if the rate of his heartbeat

(станет) normal. ###

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