Check in

check in & checks in checking in checked in checked in

1. check inlinto p.v. When you arrive at a hotel and arrange for a room, youcheck inorcheck into the hotel.

After I arrive in Denver, I'll go straight to my hotel andcheck in.

Jimchecked into the hotel while I called home to check on the kids.

2. check... in p.v. When you arrive at an airport and give your ticket to an agent and receive a boarding pass, youcheck in.

You shouldcheck in at least two hours be fore your flight.

You can wait over there in the lobby while Icheck you in.

check-in n. The counter at an airport where you give your ticket to an agent and receive a boarding pass is thecheck-in or thecheck-in counter. The process of checking in ischeck-in.

Before your flight you have to go to thecheck-in counter.

3. check... in p.v. When you give your luggage to an airline agent so that it will be carried in the baggage compartment rather than the passenger compartment, you check itin.

That bag is too big for carry-on — you'll have tocheck itin.

checked in part.adj. Luggage that has beenchecked in or passengers that have checked in arechecked in.

Now that we'rechecked in, we can wait in the boarding lounge.

4. check in (with) p.v. When you visit or call people briefly and regularly because you want to get or receive important information from them or to make sure that a situation you are both interested in is satisfactory, youcheck in orcheck in with them.

After surgery, you'll need tocheck in once in a while to make sure the bone is healing properly.

If Hank doesn'tcheck in with his parole officer every week, the police will arrest him.

    present tense -ing form past tense past participle
Check out check out & checks out checking out checked out checked out

1. check out (of) p.v. When you pay your bill, return your key, and leave a hotel, you check out orcheck out of the hotel.

There's always a long line of people waiting tocheck out at that time of the morning.

Mrs. Gorciachecked out of her hotel and took a taxi to the airport.

checked out part.adj. After you have paid your bill, returned your key, and left a hotel, you arechecked out.

Okay, we'rechecked out; now let's get a taxi and go to the airport.

checkout n. The time before which you mustcheck out of a hotel in order to avoid paying for another day is thecheckout time.

We can sleep late tomorrow;checkout time isn't until 1:00 p.m.

1. check... out p.v. When youcheck a place or thingout, you inspect it carefully or learn more about it.

That new Mexican restaurant is great — you shouldcheck itout.

Hey George,check out that car Toad is driving. When did he buy it?

3. check ... out p.v. When youcheck peopleout, you investigate them in order to learn more about them. If you say that peoplecheck out, you mean that the information they have given you about themselves, such as their education and work experience, has been investigated and found to be accurate.

Applicants for child care jobs should be thoroughlychecked out.

Before you give that guy money to invest, you shouldcheck himout.

Frank didn't get the job he wanted with the CIA. Some things on his resume didn'tcheck out.

4. check out p.v. When youcheck out at a store, you bring the items you want to buy to the cashier and pay for them.

The store's closing in a few minutes. We'd bettercheck out.

Look at this line. It's going to take forever tocheck out.

checkout n. Thecheckout or thecheckout counter is where you pay for items in a store.

You get the bathroom stuff, I'll get the groceries, and we'll meet at thecheckoutcounter.

    present tense -ing form past tense past participle
go in go in & goes in going in went in gone in

1. go inlinto p.v. When yougo in or go into a place, building, room, and so on, you enter it.

It's getting too dark to play tennis. Let'sgo in.

Frankwent into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

2. go in p.v. When somethinggoes in orgoes into a place, container, enclosure, and so on, it belongs there, fits there, or can be put there.

That dishgoes in the cabinet next to the stove.

All those clothes will nevergo in this small suitcase.

3. go in p.v. When soldiers enter combat or an area where combat is likely, theygo in. Pull out is the oppositeof go in.

The National Guard was ordered togo in and stop the riot.

The marine shouted, "We'regoing in!" as he jumped from the landing craft.

Let in

let in & lets in letting in let in let in

1. let ...inlinto p.v. When youlet people or thingsin orlet people or thingsinto a place, building, room, and so on, you allow them to enter by giving them permission to enter or by opening a door, gate, and so on.

When the guests arrived, the butler opened the door tolet themin.

The guard wouldn'tlet meinto the stadium because I had forgotten my ticket.

2. let... inlinto p.v. When an opening, such as a window, door, hole, crack, and so on, allows something to enter, itlets itin.

That small window doesn'tlet in enough light to read by.

The hole in the screen isletting the mosquitoesinto the house.

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