Human feelings and relationships are more important than money


Money has become one of the main things in our modern life. Some people live their lives to earn money. They work hard, trying to earn as much money as they can. Some of them become crazy about it and lose their dignity hunting money. They don’t appreciate such important things as family, friendship, love and other feelings. Such people become greedy, they spend their lives in loneliness.

As W.S. Maugham said: “Money is like the sixth feeling without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five.” A person can’t be happy if he has no money to satisfy his natural needs. But money should have a limit. A person shouldn’t have too much money. It begins destroying him and becomes his illness.

It is said in the Bible that “The love of money is the root of all evil.” The majority of all the crimes are made because of money. But money is not all-powerful. Humanity, dignity, intelligence, kindness and other good qualities of a person can’t be bought for money. We’ll never be able to buy pure love, real friendship and loving and caring family. But life isn’t worth living without these things.

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Task 3

Логическим завершением предложенияThe negative point of spreading the global companies is that …согласно тексту является:

Global companies

There are a lot of global companies: Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Marlboro, IBM, McDonald's and Intel, the full list of which we can find in the Forbes magazine. Such big companies, as Nestle or Pepsi have lots of subsidiaries all over the world, and such company as Microsoft has only local support centers, but all of them try to enter new markets using local partners and resellers.

All companies try to increase the quality of their products, as they want to be the leaders in competition. Moreover, every company is always willing to hear the customer's opinion about its products, to receive some suggestions, how to improve the product. Global companies try to adopt their products to the traditional way if using them.

On the other hand, globalization hurts the local government's ability to deal with wages and taxes. Another bad point is that local factories are disappearing every day, though they often use more clean methods of production, as they don`t have to transfer production for long distances. The positive side of globalization is that qualified workers can migrate to other countries and get a well-paid job. At the same time the will of many foreign companies is to put local producers away from the market. But local producers are not ready to competitive fight.

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1. local factories close down.

2. workers can migrate.

3. they try to hear the customers` opinion.

4. they improve their products.

Term 4

Task 1

Утверждение The natural conditions of New Zealand are not good for agriculture согласно тексту является:

New Zealand

New Zealand, an independent state and a member of the Commonwealth, is situated south-east from Australia. The country consists of three large islands and also many small islands. The climate in New Zealand is warm and the greater part of the country is well watered. There are good forests of evergreen trees and large areas are rich grasslands. The kiwi is the national emblem of New Zealand. The main cities in North Island are Auckland, the largest city and port, and Wellington, the capital.

New Zealand is sometimes called "The Britain of the Pacific", because the cities and towns of the country resemble very much those of England. New Zealand's climate with rainfalls all the year round, is very favorable for dairying, sheep-farming and cattle-farming, as well as growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. The population of New Zealand is over three million people, more than two thirds of whom live in North Is-land.

New Zealand is a self-governing state and a member of the Commonwealth. The Governor-General represents the King or Queen of England. The Parliament of the country consists of one house only, the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister heads the cabinet.

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1. истинным

2. ложным

Task 2

Определите, какой абзац текста (1,2,3) содержит следующую информацию:

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