A. Say if the following sentences are true or false:

a) You can park your car on the M25.

b) There is often a jam all the way round the M25.

c) Winston Churchill thought that cars were an awful


d) Advertisements for cars don't show the reality of


e) We do not have the technology to find a solution to

the traffic problem.

f) We need to decide what our principles are if we

want to solve the traffic problem.

g) Some people think that the traffic will move more

quickly if there are more roads.

h) Environmentalists think that public transport should

be more expensive.

B. Did the article mention any of the advantages and

Disadvantages of cars and trains that you


C. What are the reasons for more roads?

D. What are the reasons for improving the public

Transport system?

An Unforgettable Journey.

A. Read the text quickly so as to understand the plot.

One hot summer day Mr. and Mrs. X. from San Francisco (1) __ (travel) home from Arizona where they (2) __ (visit) Mrs. X's elderly grandmother. During the visit Mrs. X. (3) __ (persuade) her husband to let the old lady come and live with them and so they (4) __ (bring) her home with them to San Francisco. They (5) __ (drive) along through the desert quite happily. The old woman (6) __ (sit) on the back seat, the couple (7) __ (chat) in the front. After a while, they

(8) __ (realize) that the old woman (9) __ (not speak) for some time. The wife (10) __ (turn) round to ask her if she was OK, as earlier on , she (11) __ (complain) about the terrible heat. However, the grandmother (12) __ (not reply). Instead they heard her (13) __ (splutter) and (14) __ (groan), then a strange silence. Alarmed, they stopped the car and rushed round to the back seat, only to find that unfortunately, the old woman (15) __ (die). Horrified, they decided they should lie her body flat, but (16) __ (be) rather a large woman, she wouldn't fit on the back seat, so, in the end, they (17) __ (tie) her onto the roof-rack instead.

After they (18) __ (drive) across the desert for some time, they came across a petrol station and (19) __ (decide) to stop and phone the rest of the family with the dreadful news. However, as they (20) __ (come) out of the petrol station, to their horror, they saw their car (21) __ (disappear) into the distance, the old woman's body still (22) __ (lie) on the roof. While they (23) __ (phone), someone (24) __ (steal) their car.

B. Complete the gaps using the correct form of the

Verbs in brackets. More than one form is possible in

Some cases.

71.*** Present Participles often improve the style of a

Narrative and reduce the number of words needed.

Find six places in this story where a Present

Participle can be substituted for a full verb. The

Story will be eleven words shorter and you will need

To change the punctuation.

Some years ago, Denis Thatcher, husband of the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was on a train, which was travelling back to London. The train stopped and Mr. Thatcher looked up from his papers to see a group of inmates from a psychiatric institution who were getting into his carriage - their supervisor was following them. They all sat down and the supervisor began to count them. "One, two, three .... " she counted, but she stopped when she got to Mr. Thatcher. "Who are you?" she asked - she was frowning. "I'm the Prime Minister's husband, actually," he replied - he was looking surprised. "Oh, right", she continued, she was smiling kindly now, "four, five, six ...."

72.*** Read this article from the science section of a

Magazine. It describes transportation of the future.

Notice how differently future actions are expressed.

Transportation of the Future.

In the next few decades people are going to travelvery differently from the way they do today. Everyone is going to drive electrically operated cars. So in a few years peoplewon't worry about running out of gas. Some of the large automobile companies are really moving ahead with this new technology. F&C Motors, for example, is holdinga press conference next week. At the press conference the company will present its new, electronically operated models. Transportation of the future won't be limited to the ground. Many people predict that traffic willquickly moveto the sky. In the coming years, instead of radio reports about road conditions and highway traffic, news reports will talkabout traffic jams in the sky. But the sky isn't the limit. In the future, you'llprobably even be able to takea trip to the moon. Instead of listening to regular airplane announcements, you'll hearsomeone say, "The shuttle to the moon leavesin ten minutes. Please check your equipment. And remember, no more than ten ounces of carry-on baggage are allowed".

Discuss the following:

1. Do you think the prediction can come true?

2. Have you ever thought of going to the cosmic space

as a tourist?

3. What would you say if you were offered a trip on a


73.*** Read this transcript of a radio interview with

Professor Jason Lin, a well-known researcher of

The Future Watch Institute. There are fifteen

Forms that refer to the future. Find and underline


Interviewer:For those of you who are just tuning in, this is "Looking into the Future". I am William Bee, and you are talking with Professor Jason Lin. Good afternoon, Professor. I understand you are going to tell our listeners about the cars of the future.

Professor Lin:That's right. I believe there will be some surprising changes in the next century. Let me give you some examples. Cars of the future are going to have 'brains'. They'll start themselves, and they'll adjust the seats, mirrors and steering wheels automatically. Luxury cars will even ask you where you want to go and tell you the best route to take.

Interviewer:That certainly is amazing! I'm sure lots of our listeners have questions for you, but, unfortunately, we only have time for a few call-ins today.

Professor Lin:Well, you know, I'm speaking at the annual Car Show next week. The show begins at 10:00 a.m. on August,11. I'm going to talk more about the plans for cars in the future. I'm also going to show some models. I hope many of your listeners will be there.

Interviewer:I'm sure they will. We have to pause for a commercial break. But don't go away, listeners. We'll be right back - and Professor Lin will be ready to answer some of your questions.

74.*** Radio listeners are calling in with questions for

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