A. Read the film review and match paragraphs 1- 4

with the following headings:

- good and bad points

- basic information about the film

- conclusion and recommendation

- brief summary of the plot

1.“Beauty and the Beast” was directed by Jean Cocteau. It is based on the fairy tale by Madame Le Prince de Beaumont and it stars Jean Marais as the Beast and Josette Day as Beauty.

2. Beauty is one of three daughters of a French merchant. His sisters, Felicie and Adelaide, are mean and treat Beauty as a servant. (1) __ Beauty’s father gets lost in the forest, but finds a strange castle, (2) __ he enters, looking for help. The owner of the castle is a repulsive monster, half-man, half-beast, (3) __ threatens the merchant – either one of his daughters replaces him as a prisoner in the castle or he will die. Beauty offers to replace her father and goes to live in the castle. (4) __ , she discovers the Beast is not as hideous and inhuman as he seems, but a handsome prince.

3. The film deals with the theme of appearances in very interesting and clever ways. In one memorable scene, Beauty looks in the mirror and her face is transformed into the Beast’s. For its time (1946), the film uses some clever special effects, (5) __ when Beauty is striding up and down waiting for the Beast to visit her room – behind her, a statue’s head follows her movements (6) __, the whispering furniture is as frightening as anything in modern films. The film does, (7) __, have its weak points. The Beast’s voice is rather squeaky, and the lovers flying at the end is a bit corny! (8) __, though, it must be one of the most beautiful films ever made. (9) __ it is black and white, the striking use of light makes it seem at times like a moving painting. The music is also magnificent.

4.Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale with an obvious message – you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. (10) __, it has neither the cute characters nor the Hollywood songs of the Disney version; it speaks to people of all ages. I recommend it for all the family.

B. Complete the gaps in the text with these words:

all things considered although however

in the end moreover of course one day

such as which who

Read the text and complete it with linking words:

neither despite in the end both although

all things considered one day unfortunately

after nor such especially

The best film that I have seen recently is (1) __ the blockbuster Gladiator (2) __ the war film Pearl Harbor, which I didn’t enjoy. It is Chocolat, directed by Lasse Halstrom. It is set in a small French town in the middle of the 20th century. (3) __, a young woman (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter arrive in the town. (4) __ that, they rent a shop from an old lady (Judi Dench) and sell delicious things made of chocolate. (5) __, it is during Lent, a time when people are not meant to enjoy eating things and the mayor of the town (Alfred Molina) starts a campaign against the shop. However, (6) __ all the difficulties, Juliette Binoche’s character survives with the help of the old lady and a traveling Irishman (Johnny Depp). (7) __, the shop is successful and even the mayor comes to enjoy the chocolate. (8) __ it is possibly too ‘politically correct’, the film successfully deals with the themes of intolerance and prejudice. The acting is excellent, (9) __ that of Juliette Binoche. (10) __ Judi Dench and Alfred Molina are also excellent. There are some dramatic moments, (11) __ as the fire on the Irishman’s boat. (12) __, I would really recommend you to go and see this film.

Complete the film review with the verbs in the

correct form:

get on crack up dress up get into

get out of go in for make out make up

put on turn off


Dustin Hoffman plays an out-of-work actor named Michael Dorsey who just can’t (1) __ in the acting world. In desperation, he (2) __ as a woman named Dorothy Michaels in order to get a part in a TV soap opera. He has to (3) __ a different voice and (4) __ that Dorothy is an older woman. At the job interview he (5) __ a story about his acting career and gets the job!

Everything goes well until Dorothy becomes a national sensation. Then things go from bad to worse. Michael falls in love with Julie Nichols (Jessica Lange), one of the soap’s leading women, but can’t (6) __ a love affair because she thinks he is a woman. The scene that really (7) __ me __ is when Julie’s father makes Dorothy a proposal of marriage and Dorothy has to say no to (8) __ it. Julie’s father is so disappointed!

Another amusing sub-plot is the relationship between Dorothy and one of the leading actors. He thinks he is attractive to women, but really he (9) __ them __, and Dorothy uses every opportunity to make him look foolish. Eventually, Michael reveals his true identity on a ‘live’ edition of the show. If you (10) __ wacky comedies, then Tootsie is a film for you.

Write a review of a film you have seen. Include the

following information:

- the title of the film

- the type of film

- the name of the director (if you can remember)

- any other information such as whether it is based on a

book, where it was filmed, etc.

- the main actors and which characters they play

- a summary of the plot

- what you particularly liked or didn’t like about the film

Image Queen.

A.1. What do you know about Madonna?

What did she look like the last time you saw a picture

or a video of her?

2. Ask your partner questions about Madonna using

phrases and prompts:

I wonder … I’d like to know …

I have no idea … Does anybody know …

1. where / born

2. how old / when / start / singing

3. go to university

4. ever win any rewards

5. where / live

6. how many times / married

7. how many children / have

8. how many number one records / have

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