Complete the words or phrases below using the

given words:

off control free card baggage

in lounge luggage reclaim locker

1. boarding ….. 6. duty ….

2. baggage …. 7. overhead ….

3. excess …. 8. take ….

4. passport …. 9. departure ….

5. hand …. 10. check ….

32. What do you call:

1.the place where you go when you arrive at the

airport with your luggage?

2. the card they give you with a seat number on it?

3. the money you have to pay if your luggage is very


4. the place where you sit and have a drink when you

are waiting for your flight to be called?

5. the bags you carry onto the plane with you?

6. the place above your head where you can put your

hand luggage?

7. the part of the airport where the plane accelerates

and takes off?

8. the people who look after you on the plane?

9. the part of the airport you walk through when you

arrive or depart?

10.the place where you collect your luggage after you


The following sentences describe what you do

When you go to an airport to catch a plane, but

They are in the wrong order. Read them carefully

and put them in the right order:

____ You go to the departure lounge.

____ You get a trolley.

____ You arrive at the airport.

____ You go to your gate.

____ You go to the check-in desk.

____ You go to the duty-free shop.

____ You get a boarding card.

____ You board the plane.

____ You check in your luggage.

____ You look at the departure board to see if your

flight is boarding yet.

____ The board tells you which gate to go to.

____ You go through passport control.

What is the order of events when you fly into an

airport? Begin like this:

The plane lands.

You unfasten your seat-belt.

Complete this part of a letter about an unpleasant


Dear Tom

I've just arrived in Rome but I'm still recovering from a really terrible flight. We (1)...... two hours late because of bad weather, and then over the channel we hit more bad weather. The (2) ...... announced that we had to (3) ...... our seat belts, which was a bit worrying, and for half an hour we (4) ...... through a terrible storm. It was still raining and very windy when we (5) ...... in Rome and I was really glad to (6) ...... the plane and get into the airport building.

Fortunately things have improved since then but I really hope the return (7) ...... is a lot better.

Fill in the blanks. The words you need can be

found below:

passengers mechanic galleys

run out flight garage

bonnet boot check

delayed ferry train

deckchair departure lounge

Yesterday John was supposed to take a __ (1) from London to Paris. He got up very early, put his luggage in the __ (2) of his car and tried to start the engine. It wouldn't start. John lifted the __ (3) but he couldn't see what the matter could be. He immediately called his local __ (4) to ask them to send a __ (5) at once. Fortunately, the garage had a man free and he was with John within ten minutes. He quickly saw what the matter was. 'You have __ (6) of petrol', he said. John felt very foolish. “Why didn't I __(7) everything last night ? “ he wondered. Despite all this, he got to the airport, checked in quite early and then went straight through to the __ (8) to read a newspaper while he waited. Soon he heard the announcement. “Passengers on flight BA 282 to Paris are informed that all flights to and from Paris are __ (9) because of a heavy snowfall last night.” 'If only I had decided to go by __ (10), John thought. “It would probably have been quicker in the end and even if I sometimes feel sick on the __ (11) across the Channel, it can be quite pleasant sitting in a __ (12) on the deck, watching the seagulls and the other __ (13). The __ (14) on a ship seem to produce much better food than those on an aircraft too.”

Read the text. Put the verb in the correct form,

Present Simple active or Present Simple passive.

Catching a plane

When you (1) __ (arrive) at an airport, you should go straight to the check-in desk where your ticket and luggage (2) __ (check). You (3) __ (keep) your hand luggage with you but your suitcases (4) __ (take) to the plane on a conveyor belt. You can now go to the departure lounge. If you are on an international flight, your passport (5) __ (check), and then you and your bags (6) __ (x-ray) by security cameras. Sometimes you (7) __ (give) a body search and your luggage (8) __ (search) by a security officer. You (9) __ (wait) in the departure lounge until your flight (10) __ (call) and you (11) __ (tell) which number gate to go to. Finally you (12) __ (board) your plane and you (13) __ (show) to your seat by a flight attendant.

Complete the text with the correct form of the

Verbs, Past Simple or Past Continuous.

A Special Holiday in Florida.

Last February, I (1) __ (decide) to go on holiday to Florida. The day I (2) __ (leave) England it (3) __ (rain), but when I (4) __ (land) in Florida, the sun (5) __ (shine) and a lovely warm breeze (6) __ (blow) from the sea. I (7) __ (take) a taxi to my hotel. As I (8) __ (check in), someone (9) (tap) me on the shoulder. I (10) __ (can not) believe my eyes! It was my old girlfriend. She (11) __ (stay) at the same hotel. The next day, we (12) (go) snorkelling and (13) __ (see) hundreds of beautiful fish. It (14) __ (get) dark when we (15) __ (return) to our hotel. We (16) (spend) the rest of the week together. It was very romantic. We (17) __ (feel) very sad when the holiday (18) (end).

A Sightseeing Holiday

A. Sightseeing

You maydo a bit of sightseeingon holiday, or you may do a lot of sightseeing, but you will probably go to a museum or art gallery, and see or visit some of these things: a temple, a castle, a cathedral, a palace, a statue, a fountain, a market, etc.

Many people go on a sightseeing tourof a town (usually in a bus); they can also go on a tour of the castle / the cathedral / the art gallery, etc. When you are sightseeing, it helps to buy a guidebook(= a book of information for tourists) and amapof the town you are in.

B. Things that tourists often do on holiday:

look roundthe shops / have a look roundthe shops;

take photographs;

spenda lot of / lots of money;

buy souvenirs (= typical products from the country);

get lost (= lose their way);

go outmost evenings (= go to different places for social reasons, e.g. restaurant or disco);

have a good / great time (= enjoy themselves).

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